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Wake Up African Americans

Social Media influencer Mo Reese Delk took to youtube to describe the influence of the Biden Administration declaring Juneteenth a federal holiday. Delk who has more than 19K followers took to the waves to quote LBJ in his comments about having African Americans voting for the democratic party for 200 years.

He believes that Biden and his administration are pandering to the African American community in order to secure their votes in the next 200 years. Addressing Biden in his video, he said, "Biden, you did the same thing Lyndon B. Johnson did, having us black people voting for the next 200 years."

Mo Reese, originally from Chicago, received his indoctrination on the streets. That's where he said he learned his "common sense" from. His father, before his death was a political activist and a major influence in his life. He has seen the effects of different styles of government and what happens when self-serving politicians are elected into office.

Delk's youtube channel is always light-hearted, but relevant. Despite the hyperbolic overreaction of Facebook and its community standards and his more than 50 suspensions from their platform, Delk remains an important voice in the conservative community. Whether he is trolling the president or a convention of Antifa, he is funny and non-offensive.

For more on Mo Reese, he can be found on Facebook by clicking the hyperlink. His Youtube Channel is

And Twitter

We are sure you will enjoy his take on life and politics.

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