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We will NOT Forget

It has been 22 long years since that fateful day when Americans awoke to the heart-wrenching events that rocked their nation to its core. The devastating attack, claiming the lives of 2,977 innocent people, stands as the deadliest assault ever witnessed on American soil. Its profound impact not only altered the iconic New York skyline but also reshaped the very fabric of the United States' political landscape.

In light of the extensive discourse surrounding this subject, we wish to solemnly commemorate those profoundly impacted by these events. We remember, with deep reverence, the courageous souls who tragically lost their lives while selflessly aiding others in escaping the horrors of the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. Our hearts also honor the heroic passengers on that ill-fated plane who, through extraordinary bravery, thwarted an impending attack, ultimately sacrificing themselves as they valiantly steered the plane into a Pennsylvania field, preventing further tragedy.

Please take a moment of silence today to honor their memory.

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