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Weaponizing Speech

Benjamin Franklin, once said, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the free-ness of speech.”

The relevance of this quote is pertinent to living in America today.  While most Americans believe that it is their inherent right to say what they think, there are social media organizations, who are seeking to declare some forms of Free Speech as hate speech.  Another issue at hand is the constant stream of attacks coming from the press directed towards not just the President, but at the citizens living in America who support the president.  These attacks are not just vitriolic in nature, but portray a false narrative of the people living in the United States.

Social Media Outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, have been censoring News outlets that lean towards a more conservative opinion.  Institutions, such as Prager U, a religiously oriented conservative outlet has been taken off social media sites like Facebook.  Alex Jones, from Infowars, has felt the wrath of these social media outlets, and has been eliminated from the Twitter platform.  In fact the outrage over his political views has all but silenced his political positions and his ability to generate income.

Twitter engineers have admitted to shadow banning many conservative opinions, the censorship has reached such a fervent pitch that the Supreme court is going to hear a case that could determine whether social media users can challenge the social media behemoths.

Making the claim that these news organizations are attempting to interfere with elections, social media giants have taken it upon themselves to adjust their algorithms so that Conservative opinions are deleted, and accounts posting such opinions are eliminated. another free speech platform was shut down after its web hosting site Go Daddy pulled it from their platform.   GoDaddy confirmed that it gave Gab 24 hours to find another web-hosting service after it "discovered numerous instances of content on the site that both promotes and encourages violence against people." While advocating violence against people is not covered under first amendment protections, the website was being blamed for the 11 people killed at a synagogue during worship.  Thus removing any responsibility from the actual killer.

Don Lemon, a prominent figure working for CNN, on live television said, “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.”  His commentary despite the horror of his diatribe, received no reprimand from the executives at his news organization.

Benjamin Franklin argued that the press does not fall under constitutional checks.  It is taken for granted, that the press reports facts, and Americans have historically depended upon the value of the press to determine opinions, and vote on policy issues.  Left unchecked, the press is the most powerful entity that exists in the world today.

The news organization the Washington Post has as its sub headline on every story, "Democracy dies in Darkness".  However dark this headline may be, the Post is not the bastion of truth or integrity, quoting anonymous sources in its articles, and writing discriminatory articles based upon the objective of overthrowing the ideals our founding fathers wrote about about during the Revolution that freed America from the grips of tyranny of English rule.

When Americans rely upon the main stream media for their news, and opinions disagreeing with them are censored, we have a dangerous situation.  Members of a radical group called ANTIFA, who claim to be an anti-fascist organization, believe that they have the right to beat people into submission who disagree with them.  They have been known to shut down lectures by conservative speakers using violence as their modus operandi.  To date, no main stream media organization has declared them as a terrorist organization, despite their savage attacks on anyone opposing them.

Speech is being used as a weapon to promote a radical leftist ideology.  A weapon to infuriate those who want to hear a different opinion without being beaten into submission, and a weapon to spread propaganda.  The main stream media, once was respected for its ability to dig into stories, has become an echo chamber for a Marxist style government, whilst simultaneously laying claims that they are being harassed by a president who refers to them as "fake news".

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