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Who is Michael Savage?

by Michael Scott

Who is Michael Savage? Who is this man who rides around with the President on Air-force one? Who is this man who eats dinner with the President and his family in Maralago? Who is this man who gets a call in the middle of the Super Bowl from Don Jr. and Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle?

According to Wikipedia, he is an American radio host born to Russian Jewish immigrants. An author, activist, nutritionist, conservative, and political commentator. All pretty impressive, but is there more to this man who was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame? He is rarely seen or heard of outside of his radio show. At the height of popularity in 2009, he was showcased on over 400 syndicated radio stations with 8-10million listeners.

Michael Savage is no stranger to controversy, as he was banned from Britain after calling the Quran, “a book of hate”. In 2003 he was fired from MSNBC for telling a caller he was a “sodomite and “go die of aids”. On July 6th, 2008 Savage told his audience "I'll tell you what autism is, "In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is."

Mr. Savage a man who prides himself on the concept that he does not “mince words”. He is the captain of his own ship. Even to the point where he has bumped heads with the President himself. He has contested many of the Presidents policies and decisions. Most notably his rebuke of the President’s original position on big game poaching. Savage is a huge advocate against big game hunting and poaching of wildlife. This sheds light on another Michael Savage that very few know.

The defender of the planet! Values at times that seem to go in another direction than most hardline republicans. He has expressed many times that at the root of conservatism is conservation! This mindset may have been influenced during his years living amongst the indigenous people of the Fiji Islands. The experiences studying herbs and plants influenced the writing of his early books such as Earth Medicine Earth Food, Plant a Tree, Healing Children Naturally, and the "Complete Book of Homeopathy."

Dr. Savage's love affair with animals is shared on his radio show as his personal dogs have always been a conversation piece throughout the years. There was even a book he authored called Teddy and me, fashioned after his beloved toy poodle.

On March 21, 1994, he started his career on the radio after a fill-in for liberal talk show host Ray Taliaferro. At the time his slogan was “to the right of Rush and to the left of God.” His belief and skepticism of God had been been a subject of debate until he wrote a book in 2017 called "God, Faith, and Reason." He has admitted to visiting houses of worship and believing in a higher power but stops short of calling himself religious.

His political views since becoming a public figure have been overshadowed by his work in the natural world. His voice was amplifying throughout the United States, and his message was resonating with many who were disillusioned with both the Democrat and Republican Party.

In 2011 Dr. Savage interviewed then citizen Donald J. Trump for the first time. After the interview, Savage then declared that Trump would eventually become our next President of the United States. Dr. Savage has had many best-selling books like Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, Trump's War, Stop Mass Hysteria, Stop the coming Civil War, a Savage Life, Scorched Earth, Diseases without Borders and Government zero. These books and so many more. He has coined the term “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” and “Border, Language, and Culture”.

Dr. Savage is a giant in the land, a quiet giant, but one who leaves a footprint on American culture and politics as big as a Sasquatch.

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