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Who is running the Media?

Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor to President Obama has taken to the airwaves to warn Americans that Democracy is under attack from the White House. Laying claim that the President was asking for help from foreign adversaries to intervene in the election.

"I couldn't believe it," Rice said about the comments, adding that Trump is welcoming an "adversary to intervene in our election, just as he did with Russia."

Her harsh criticism of the President comes on the heels of President Trump asking China and Ukraine to investigate dealings that may be construed as corrupt by former Vice-President Joe Biden as his son had business dealings with companies in both countries.

This is the same Susan Rice who after the tragedy in Benghazi where four Americans were killed went on Sunday morning talk shows claiming the attacks were from a youtube video. Only to be proven later that the attacks were planned and that she was prepped to lie to the public.

President Trump has been critical of the criticism he has received regarding his request to investigate possible corruption. In a tweet, he quoted Peter Schweizer author of bestseller Clinton Cash and Secret Empires. “President Trump would be negligent if he did not bring this matter, Biden, up. If the V.P. of the U.S. is self-enriching & engaged in criminal behavior, at a minimum corrupt behavior, it ought to be looked at.” Peter Schweizer, author, “Secret Empires.”

This begs the question as to who is requesting Susan Rice to go before the Mass Media Industrial Complex to lecture Americans about the scope of the President's duties with respect to his duties under Article 2 of the Constitution. Is the Obama Administration using their political influence to subvert the opinion of the American People?

We want your opinion. Feel free to leave us a message and tell us what you think about Susan Rice rushing to media outlets to lecture Americans.

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