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Who is Vivek Ramaswamy Really? Can he be Trusted to Represent America?

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy a prominent figure in the world of biotechnology and venture capitalism recently announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

Vivek Ramaswamy, born in 1985, is an American entrepreneur, investor, and author of Indian descent. He gained recognition for his successful biopharmaceutical company, Roivant Sciences, which focuses on acquiring and developing underutilized drugs. Ramaswamy has often portrayed himself as a champion of free speech, individual liberties, and an opponent of what he perceives as "woke culture" and excessive regulation.

His stances on conservative issues have made him a genuine contender in the Republican party. He has an eloquent way of speaking on these issues in public and his interviews gives conservatives hope for the Republican party. However, is Ramaswamy the man he portrays himself to be?

Vivek has connections to the Soros Foundation. One of his first Tweets was to the Soros Fellowship.

According to the American Thinker, "His connection to anything Soros-related raises serious red flags, especially with Ramaswamy never bringing up that connection. Rather than addressing that questionable connection, he chooses to pretend as if he was never a beneficiary of Soros."

In addition to his links to the Soros Foundation, Vivek criticized Americans who were opposed to wearing masks during the Covid outbreak. He has been described by DC Draino as a "soft, mushy clown who learned to say a bunch of buzzwords conservatives love in 2023."

In addition, he is a pro-vaccine mandate. As stated on Twitter, " "We should aim to safely vaccinate everyone who is eligible." Bringing into question, Was his company involved with the manufacturing of the Covid-19 Vaccine? A good deal of his social media has been scrubbed from the internet. As pointed out by Bob Ryan from American Thinker. As Bob points out, "That is what Ramaswamy has done with his Soros connections. The article refers to Wikipedia, but has a dead link on the Soros Fellowship site, regarding an announcement from Ramaswamy’s company related to COVID-19."

Before conservatives embrace Vivek as a viable candidate, they need to be aware, that people are not who they claim to be. Ramaswamy has a lot of questions that need to be answered if he thinks Americans are too dumb to do their research on him. The most important question that needs to be addressed is what is his connection to the Soros Foundation.

We See You want to know everything about a candidate the good the bad and the ugly if we are going to take them seriously. Perhaps some mainstream journalist can get a difficult interview with him before he wooed conservatives into believing everything he claims is fact.

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