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Whoopi Goldberg - The Holocaust is not About Race

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


Television personality Whoopi Goldberg on the View claimed that the "Holocaust was not about Race". She went on to state that it was about man's inhumanity to man. She went on to claim that it was “But these are two white groups of people, adding "This is white people doing it to white people, so y’all going to fight amongst yourselves.” The entire clip of the show is below.

While social media is abuzz with canceling Whoopi for her commentary even after her apology, there is little chance that she will be fired from the ABC show.

Despite her apology, many social media influencers are not buying it. posted on Twitter,

"No, you don’t get any easy out on Twitter."
"Millions of viewers witnessed your Holocaust revisionism today. Please apologize and correct this horrific distortion tomorrow ON AIR".
"In addition, bring actual Holocaust survivors to speak in order to make this a truly teachable moment."

Where is Goldberg getting her information to make such a statement? It is common knowledge that the Holocaust was strictly based on the elimination of Jewish lineage from the German population.

According to Christopher Rufo, "Whoopi Goldberg said on television what critical race theorists have been saying in print for years.

Taken from "Critical Whiteness Studies and the “Jewish Problem” paper. Where it states, "Ashkenazi Jews, constituting the majority of American Jewry, are unquestionably white, as they enjoy a stable place in the white majority.

The View, which has held some highly critical opinions regarding censorship has gone all out to demand that certain celebrities who do not share their sentiment on dangerous misinformation demanded that Joe Rogan be pulled from his pod-cast for discussing his bout with Covid-19. However, there have been crickets from The View and from ABC which hosts the program.

Youtube has taken down the original version of the view and the comments made by Ms. Goldberg, so we substituted it with the Rubin Report.

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