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Will Leftist Democrats and RINOs Outlaw Trump Momentum

Things are just not going according to the plans of the "elites" who intend to seize and hold high governmental power in the United States, and throughout the world. Several major initiatives have been implemented, with the expectation that people would simply roll over for all of it. Yet from Cheyenne Wyoming to Austin Texas, to Ottawa and other major national capitols throughout the world, common citizens are refusing to comply.

Even the latest Covid "variant" scam, with its monotonously predictable demands for more masks and vaxes, is failing to achieve the necessary fear factor, by which citizens were stampeded into submission and oppression only three years ago. Now, with the exception of a few hopelessly mind-numbed Democrats, the overwhelming reaction to institutionalized fear mongering is cynicism and derision. And why not? Every single government proclamation of impending doom and calamity, backed by the full faith and credit of the WHO and CDC, has proven to be a brazen lie, with purely political motivations. Fool me how many times?

It has now become inescapably clear that from the start, the sole intention of those fanning the flames of fear and doom, first from the virus, and then from all the riots and discord of 2020, was to force citizens to retreat to their homes, so the leftists/Globalists could engage in their manipulations and chicanery of the 2020 Presidential Election. Turmoil and discord are always necessary to wrest power from the people and ever after entrench it in the hands of the Elites.

Fortunately for free people everywhere, several key components of their effort thoroughly failed to come together. Somehow, the Democrats ended up with a "candidate" who clearly couldn't complete a coherent sentence on his own, let alone establish national policy within any consistent framework. Efforts to paint a competent face on the Biden/Obama cabal have been desperate and chaotic. The whole affair would be thoroughly comical, were its implications not so potentially dire for America, and the rest of the free world.

In the Middle East, where the strength and resolve of the Trump White House had devastated Muslim terrorists from Tehran to Kabul, and ISIS appeared to be a thing of the past, the sudden resurgence of the Islamists reflected their awareness that the Biden/Obama cabal had provided a window of opportunity for their resurgence. Meanwhile, a surreal "war" spontaneously erupted between Russia and Ukraine, with little rhyme or reason, and no seeming end game, other than the massive infusion of American dollars and Deep State rallying of support (from both Democrats and RINOs) for who knows what real reason?

All the leftist grandstanding of the inherent superiority and virtue of its driving ideology, Marxism, on every topic from the economic bliss of socialism to the omnipresent bogeyman of climate alarmism, has begun to ring very hollow as reality hits home. American buying power is being devastated by an inflation rate that is several times higher than official stats. And the American quality of life is definitely taking a hit on every other front as well.

Worst of all for the left, Donald Trump has bucked the historical pattern for prominent public figures, who typically cave and go crawling into a hole somewhere, once the coordinated attacks of the D.C. Swamp and its Fake News parrots go into high gear. Rather than backing off, President Trump has used every public attack as an occasion to re-emphasize both the successes of his first term, and the total fraud by which his second term has thus far been wrested from him, and from America. Rather than leaving the American people leaderless and dispirited, President Trump is continuing to remind them of what is at stake, and how our side needs to unify and commit to the battle, in order to prevail.

In this regard, the corrupt and phony indictments and all other "legal" gymnastics of the leftists/Globalists have thoroughly backfired. In total contrast to their hopes that President Trump's "legal" entanglements might cost him politically, he is more popular than ever, and his base of support is vigorously digging in for the upcoming battle over the Constitution and the rule of law. This is unprecedented and leftists are appalled. It just isn't how everything was supposed to be going!

So as 2024 approaches, and the presidential campaign season gets fully underway, what do leftist Democrats and Deep State RINOs plan to do, in order to maintain control of the process and the country? Clearly, they have not sufficiently consolidated their illicit hold on power that they can confidently steal another election as they did in 2020.

Their plans are transparent as cellophane, and reflect sheer panic among the "Ruling Class." They managed to assemble a second string of "Republican" candidates who, despite being well funded, are absolutely failing to connect with the Citizen on Main Street. If anything, participation in this "wannabe" effort is having the exact opposite effect of previous presidential contests. Whereas former candidates could, in times past, count on an initial "run" for the office to bolster their standing in subsequent election cycles, those "Republicans" attempting to gain credence on that basis in the 2024 race are looking ever more pathetic and untrustworthy. It is likely that every one of them will be too much "damaged goods" to ever succeed in any future race.

Republican "Establishment" retreads, from Liz Cheney of Wyoming to Mitt Romney of Utah, have either been soundly booted from office, or are seeing such bad numbers that they opt to "retire" before facing the humiliation of a thorough drubbing at the polls. On to CNN and MSNBC they flock, loudly spewing their self-glorification to ever dwindling audiences. And all their squalling of a "government shutdown" or other impending catastrophe rings totally hollow.

What has become inescapably clear in the past three years, but particularly in recent months, is that no amount of leftist Democrat and RINO manipulations will pull the wool back over the eyes of "We the People," now that it has been removed, and the sheer ugliness of their ideology and agenda is out in the open for all to see. Americans have had their fill of the self-serving "Deep State." From City Halls to State Houses in every "Red" jurisdiction, We the People refuse to accept the fate planned for us by the leftists. Only a full-blown foray into Tinhorn dictatorship can accomplish such a transformation of the Nation. And Americans have no intention of passively accepting that.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available on Amazon.

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