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Women's Right's Trump Human Rights

It is a stroke of genius to convince women that aborting a baby up to the 40th week of pregnancy, something everyone knows to be atrocious and wrong is a woman's right issue.  After all, she should have control of her body.  "Her body her choice."

In 2015, approximately  913,000 abortions in the United States. The State of Florida alone in 2015 recorded 71,740 reasons for abortion.  Each abortion is recorded for why the pregnancy was terminated. Chart below

According to the above chart, 92.3% of abortions in Florida were performed as an elective procedure.  Whilst, most women at the Woman's March were indicating that abortion was only performed for reasons of incest, rape, the health of the mother was at stake, the statistics make a different claim.  

Mayor Cuomo in New York signed into legislation a very controversial abortion bill that would essentially allow an abortion up to the moment of birth if the psychological condition of the expectant mother was at stake.  A similar bill was introduced in Virginia, and defended vehemently by Governor Northam. Where he indicated that the the time of birth the infant would be resuscitated, made comfortable then a discussion could occur between the physician and doctor about what would happen next. How could he possibly fulfill his oath of "doctor do no harm" given this stance?

So, exactly how did the Democratic party convince women that murder was inherently an acceptable option for convenience?  After all, men can not become pregnant or inconvenienced by having to carry an alien in their bodies for nine months.  To have their figures suddenly become something they are unfamiliar with.  The loss or potential loss of a job?  The fundamental question we should be asking is at what point did the death of a human being dependent upon its mother for nutrients, warmth, comfort become an acceptable act.  

According to Heritage Foundation, Planned parenthood, the nations leading provider of abortions received, received over $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds from 2013 to 2015.  "Their number of health centers and affiliates declined, and they performed fewer cancer screenings and prevention services."

What makes Planned Parenthood even more suspicious is that despite their claims of providing women's health care, they offer no mammograms, very little in the way of prenatal services.  Sure they provide discounted birth control, and STD tests, however, their main service is providing abortions.  

How much does planned parenthood contribute to the Democratic party? According to  Center for Responsive Politics Planned Parenthood spent  $6,914,495 on lobbying efforts promoting certain candidates in 2018.   

Another curious question with respect to planned parenthood in addition to their lobbying efforts is the issue of the woman's march.  According to the Washington Times,Planned Parenthood  is standing by the national Women’s March despite allegations of Antisemitism within the group’s leadership.


The Women's March, which allegedly stands for equal pay, equal access to health care, equal opportunity for women in the united States, is led by a woman openly practicing Sharia Law.  Which according to the research is the opposite of women's rights.  In addition to convincing hundreds of thousands of women that the March was for them, Linda Sarsour, is openly antisemitic.  Thousands of women donning pink knit caps symbolizing female genitalia marched openly in Washington not realizing that their leader had an alternative agenda.  

Has American Politics, particularly the Democratic party, funneled so much money into their abortion agenda that they have essentially brainwashed women into a state of zombiesm, whereby they allow the State to dictate their conscience?  Or have American women become so individually selfish to their commercial needs that the idea of having children will simply not fit their budget?

It's ironic that the outcry; "NO Justice NO Peace" does not hold true for all human beings.  The same group of people marching because of the murder of a 17 year old boy Treyvon Martin, are the same group of people who are openly advocating for abortion.  According to statistics, " black women, 28% of pregnancies end in abortion (CDC).  Black women were more than 3.5 times more likely to have an abortion in 2015 than white women (CDC)."

Whatever the case may be, America needs to find a way to keep the population at a sustainable level.    

WECU News wants your opinion on this issue.  Feel free to drop us a line to let us know how you feel about this topic. to leave a comment.

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