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Zelenskyy is Arresting American Reporters

Who is Gonzalo Lira

American citizen journalist Gonzalo Lira has been arrested in Ukraine for reporting about the war in Ukraine, and not supporting the Ukrainian government in its war with Russia. A brief run-through of his x account reveals that not only does he not support the Ukrainian war efforts, but he is also not a fan of the West.

The United States acknowledges that he has been arrested in Ukraine, but has done nothing to secure his release, yet the US is helping fund the war in Ukraine by sending billions of dollars to ensure a Ukrainian victory. However, at the same time, the US touts the accolades of a free press. These two things can not be true.

When questioned about the status of Lira, State Department spokesperson Michael Miller stated: “We are aware of the detention of Mr. Lira in Ukraine. We take our role in assisting U.S. citizens abroad seriously and are providing all appropriate assistance.”

Where is the outrage of American journalists on his detention in Ukraine? Do we no longer have a free press? Or is the press merely a political tool to support only the opinions that are government-approved?

His last post on X stated his intention to secure political asylum in Hungary. "Right now, I'm about to try to get out of Ukraine and seek political asylum in Hungary. Either I'll cross the border and make it to safety, or I'll be disappeared by the Kiev regime. This is what's happened to me over the past three months."

There is more to come on this story, but more importantly, citizen journalists need the protection of the United States government, especially while they are working overseas.

We will continue to keep you abreast on the detention of Lira should more information become available.

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