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Beware The Latest RINO Pro-Abort Scam

"Divide and Conquer" is a battle strategy predating Julius Caesar. Yet despite all the advancements of our technological age, it remains extremely effective. The latest RINO efforts to fracture the GOP, if not recognized and stridently rebuffed, may once again attest as dark evidence of such.

It must be clearly understood that the end game of the Republican "Establishment" is not some moderated version of conservatism, but a total restoration of their self-serving Beltway "status quo." Their goal is to only throw out occasional crumbs to the gullible dupes at the grassroots, so they can make claims of being the "opposition party" in their fundraising letters. Meanwhile, the Nation drifts inexorably to the left, while their place within the social/political inner circle is unthreatened.

With his 2016 victory and ascent to the White House the following January, President Trump thoroughly rocked their world. Finally, someone showed Americans that the "status quo" need not be their fate, nor that of their children. The denizens of the D.C. Swamp/Sewer have been enraged and sworn to vengeance ever since. As the 2024 presidential election cycle approaches, they are understandably going into high gear. We ignore them and their malignant ways to our peril.

Things are already simmering, now that Ol' Joe's handlers have announced he's running again next year. And with an ostensibly open field on the Republican side, every shameless opportunist from Mike Pence to Chris Christie is scampering to the nearest microphone, under the pretense of being the "real" voice of the Republican Party. It is a very volatile, and dangerous situation, which makes it ripe pickings for those planning to steer the agenda through fear and pragmatism.

One player who strives to cause as much confusion and discord on the "right," though not seeking to take the White House, is South Carolina "Republican" Congresswoman Nancy Mace. The newest "darling" of leftist Fake News, she has made several appearances on such objective venues as ABC "News," where she appears to be going full Liz Cheney.

Clearly, her agenda is to thoroughly undermine the pro-life movement of recent years, by which the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was overturned, with many states since enacting laws to protect the unborn. Proclaiming she was once raped years back, Mace leverages her past as reason to be the uncontested judge of which babies should be allowed to live, and which can be slaughtered and discarded.

Determined to bring the camel's nose back under the tent, she insists that Conservatives must find some sort of "middle ground" with the pro-abort crowd, threatening that they will otherwise "lose huge" in the 2024 election. Amazingly in the midst of this, she asserts that her record is "100% pro-life." Claiming to be pro-life "with exceptions" is akin to claiming to be totally honest, again with exceptions. The latter being known as a liar.

Whether she actually believes such absurdity, or is merely another wolf in Republican clothing, may be up for debate. It is altogether significant, and not entirely surprising, that her stance on the whole "trans" lunacy of recent years also aligns with the leftist counterculture. Real conservatism and objectivity to be sure!

As corroborating evidence for her political posturing, Mace, and others like her cite a dangerously flawed presumption that is popular among the GOP Establishment. Explaining that she comes from a "purple" district, meaning it is ostensibly equally divided between "red" and "blue" (Republican and Democrat) voters, the leap of logic she promotes is that the proper stance is somewhere in the mushy middle. In Nancy Mace's world, being from a "purple district" apparently means Conservatives must sit the fence on defining issues. Yet even if the demographics of the area are divided, such an conclusion is abhorrently misguided and self-defeating, perhaps deliberately so.

Many parts of the country are likewise split, Missouri being among the most notable "Bellwether" states. Yet this absolutely does not connote a pervasive "lukewarm" mindset across the Show Me State. Rather, it reflects a staunch, unshakable conservatism throughout most of the State, offset by dense, "deep blue" pockets in the major urban areas of Kansas City and Saint Louis. Republican candidates who embrace "moderate" ideology stand little chance of gaining Democrat votes from the two major metro areas, while they would totally alienate the Conservative base.

Nevertheless, Establishment Republicans in Missouri and elsewhere relentlessly seek to shift the party left under such absurd premises, in order to ingratiate themselves to the big-money players back in Washington. The Rove crowd is intent on returning American political discourse to pre-Trump days, when "business as usual" prevailed, and the elites always benefited. And in the process, the real interests and concerns of Americans at the grassroots are brushed aside.

The recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election, in which leftist Janet Protasiewicz won, has been touted as the defining election validating RINO assertions. Of course, the massive influx of national money into her campaign isn't deemed a factor. Meanwhile, in that same election cycle, Republicans gained in state offices, proving that the GOP is by no means on life support, post-Roe.

Central to this propaganda blitz are "suburban women," the new "soccer moms." Back in the day, we were told soccer moms represented the "mainstream" of American families, who were all about government-funded daycare and other inroads of socialism. Of course, those soccer moms were easily jettisoned at the altar of the counterculture, and have evaporated entirely in the face of trans lunacy. Now the GOP should abandon every guiding principle, in pursuit of a demographic that is apparently obsessed with slaughtering its children. Get that topic off the table and they would no doubt be good conservatives.

Will Republicans stand for real conservatism, for America, and for all that is good and right? Or will they take the bait as they too often have in the past, in futile efforts to straddle the gap between right and left. If they do, they will destroy their own prospects for political success, and forfeit the future of the Nation in the process. Pro-life Conservatives may not engage in flamboyant, bra-burning protests, but they will quietly and resolutely jettison a political party that refuses to stand firm on this absolutely defining issue. That is precisely what happened last November when the absurdity of Democrat John Fetterman as the Senator from Pennsylvania became reality, since only the pro-abort Dr. Oz was there as the "Republican" opposition.

The battle for America will ultimately be won or lost inside the Republican Party. And leftists are fully aware of this.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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