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Biden's Betrayal Of Israel! Where "Never Again" Means Again!

Updated: 6 days ago

Last year Joe Biden, you know, Uncle-Kiddie-Sniffer, declared, in what was, in retrospect, nothing more than a mendacious cock and bull tall tale told to manipulate the public and stroke his grandiose soi-disant morally superior ego, that the idea of cutting off military aid to an ally, particularly Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East, was absolutely preposterous and "beyond comprehension," yet here we are just seven months after the October 7th terrorist attack on Israel, a veritable bloodbath for the ages, a mass public execution that will forever leave an indelible sullied stain of barbaric butchery on the conscience of humanity, and not as "Allah" willed it, but as sin marred it, and Joe Biden has done the unconscionable; he turned his back on Israel. 

1400 Israeli men, women, children, babies, and the elderly bludgeoned to death, slaughtered on the streets and in their homes, yanked and dragged from their beds, beaten, burned, raped, beheaded, mutilated, and tortured in any and all godforsaken, irreverent, perverse, and depraved unconscionable ways imaginable and unimaginable to mankind by a bunch of Palestinian Hamas savages; terrorists who, funded by Iran and working alongside the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, carried out the deadliest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. 

Shockingly, not shockingly, against the sacrilegious backdrop of Left-wing bigotry and Judea intolerance, and as ignorant, hollow, and futile as I and many others know Joe Biden is, his duplicity here, his holier-than-thou sanctimony, and rampant overt hypocrisy, in the face of such diabolical depravity, while Israel fights for its very survival and as Israeli and American hostages languish in Hamas captivity, assuming, of course, by the grace of God that they are still alive, and Joe Biden did precisely what he said he would never do, what he said was "BEYOND COMPREHENSION," he CUT OFF aid to Israel and for no good justifiably reason, other than the politics of pandering to the far-left. 

Yes indeed, in true Biden backstabbing form and fashion while he mouths, not meaning, "Never Again," not only did he cut off aid to Israel in the middle of a gruesome war —that coincidentally, would not have happened if it weren't for his ignoble pandering to and funding of the world's number one State Sponsor of Terrorism, Iran— but he withheld specific munitions, weapons that Israel not only bought and paid for but the kind of Boeing-made precision weapons that, according to reports, Israel needs in order to effectively effectuate, target, and takeout terrorists while at the same time minimizing civilian casualties.

And if that were not enough to make your head spin and question whether or not we are living in the United States of America or whether we have been jolted back in time to 1940 Nazi Germany, Biden did this while Iranian-backed proxies concurrently fire rockets and mortars at Israel as the sickeningly sinister and infectious scourge of Left-wing antisemitism spreads like wildfire across countries, continents, and college campuses, laying bare some truly egregious, naked truths and wicked verities about not only the entirety of the Democrat Party, and the plurality of its constituency, but also about its substantially large cohort of likeminded peers and colleagues in the mainstream Establishment media and in our learning institutions, as unscrupulous journalists, liberal educators in public schools, and Orwellian professors in college classrooms and on campuses across the country collectively inspire homegrown movements of radical Islamic terrorist sympathizers and antisemites by poisoning the well of academia and painting Israel and the Jewish people as genocidal maniacs as they, the Left, endeavor to rewrite history, to propagandize, censor, manipulate, indoctrinate, and replace the premise and principles of free and independent thought, speech, and expression with Cultural Marxism in all matters, manner, and means possible; whether intellectual, sociopolitical, moral, and/or religious, festering like a malignant cancer, oozing onto our streets and into our communities, homes, and the minds of the unwitting, the oblivious, the ignorant, the stupid, the downright evil, and worst of all, the innocent, our unsuspecting youth, and at an alarming rate.

However, this sickeningly sinister game that Biden is playing here can only go one of two ways: Biden's way or Israel's way, and I can tell you, it ain't going to go Biden's way because: 

1— Biden's way: and at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, by proxy of withholding these weapons, Biden is clearly not only palpably negotiating on behalf of actual designated terrorists, a new low for the Democrat Party, but he is also doing his utmost to hogtie Israel and cajole his anti-Israel base into believing, under the delusional or, moreover, the misleading farcical premise, that by doing so, he can somehow prevent Israel from going into Rafah, the final major stronghold controlled by Hamas in Gaza, where, by the way, the last of the terrorists, including Hamas kingpin, Yahya Sinwar, the mastermind of the October 7th terrorist attack, are holed up, and ostensibly force a ceasefire; thereby, much like his motive for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, be the "Herculean hero" who put an end to the War, —you know, the War that he unleashed in the Middle East— ergo, for electoral reasons, appeasing the far-left terrorist sympathizing factions within the Democrat Party who either reside in Michigan or Minnesota, or who are camped out on college campuses across the country, spreading and spewing their hateful antisemitic tropes and prejudices, their modern-day Naziism, and wreaking havoc everywhere they go. 

—However, as I'm sure Biden and his band of merry antisemites know, by forcing a ceasefire before Israel has taken out the remaining pockets of terrorists holed up in Rafah, Biden is doing nothing more than empowering Hamas, buying them time and providing them with an opportunity to regroup, to take stock, to rest up and replenish, and, with the help of their pedophilic deity," Allah" and, of course, Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and other Iranian-backed proxies, restock, rearm themselves, and live to fight another day, whereby they can finally complete their millennia-long, openly avowed, antisemitic ideological/theological Islamic mission which is to, in this century, consummate the Holocaust by killing off all Jews.


2— Israel's way: and like everything else that Biden has gotten wrong, misjudged, mischaracterized, misunderstood, and/or miscalculated, whether deliberately out of malice or unwittingly out of sheer stupidity, over the course of his five failed decades in and as the "Dim-bulb" of DC, this will, and rightly so, not deter Israel. In point of fact, it will, in effect, force Israel, in defense of its Sovereignty and people, to use non-precision weapons against Hamas, ergo not only putting innocent civilians in harm's way, all thanks to Biden and the Democrats' ineptitude and/or malevolence, but effectively and unfortunately play right into Hamas's hands. —Of course, just as Hamas wants it, which is to create as much carnage as humanly possible for no other reason other than to shock the conscience of Israel's Western allies in a contrived insidious effort to turn the world against the Jewish people as they, Hamas, who view martyrdom of the innocent a calling, a vocation, and like the pervasively rotten evil cowards that they are, intentionally hide behind and use their own people as human shields, which in turn enables the virulent antisemites within the Democrat Party, like, for example, Rashida Tlaib and AOC, to accuse Israel of killing innocent Palestinian civilians… you know, the Jew-hating Gazans who not only teach their children to hate Jews, that killing Jews is good, but who also elected Hamas by a margin of 85% and still support Hamas's murderous activities, as they, Israel, fight for their very survival in a desert surrounded by millions more Jew-hating savages.

If all of that were not bad enough, Biden, of course, like all Democrats, obviously drunk on the fantastical notion that he is untouchable, you know, "above the law," with absolutely no limits to or constraints on his powers, decided to not only unilaterally withhold key intelligence from Israel but also unilaterally halt the delivery of these precision weapons to Israel in SECRET, not just unbeknownst to the American people, which, of course, can easily be excused or squared away under a reasonably logical "top secret" pretext, but worse still and more importantly, unbeknownst to and without the consent of Congress, as is unequivocally required under the "Impoundment Control Act of 1974," or ICA, ergo, not only:

1– Violating the "ICA" as Congress, the body or Branch of Government that is not only responsible for creating and passing legislation, i.e., bills, better known as, you know, "LAWS" that Biden as the President of the United States is Constitutionally obligated to enforce, but who, as the Legislative Branch of Government, also wields the power of the purse, and therefore the sole discretionary authority to approve or disapprove of such actions or embargoes.

But moreover

2– As noted, deliberately violating his Oath of Office, more specifically, the "Faithful Execution Clause" of the Constitution, i.e., Biden's Article II, Section 3 duties to, as Commander in Chief, faithfully execute or enforce the Laws of the Land that Congress has enacted, and by deliberately failing to uphold said duties, he is now subject to Impeachment

You see, by refusing to enforce the "Supplemental Aid Package" or Bill," i.e., a recent LAW that Congress enacted to support Israel's efforts to defeat Hamas, Biden, in effect, violated the "Impoundment Control Act of 1974," a law that again, Joe Biden is bound by under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution to enforce… and as Senator Tom Cotton, obligingly reminded Democrats, because, you know, they suffer from a chronic brain-eating disease known as TDS Selective Cerebral Amnesia, a sort of atrophy of the frontal lobe that controls higher thinking, and so, of course, needed to be reminded that, "There's a standard now, since they impeached Trump… the House has no choice but to impeach Biden based on the Trump-Ukraine precedent of withholding foreign aid to help with reelection. Only with Biden, it's true." 

Of course, as expected, Democrats and their pathetic little left-wing sycophants and reprobates in the media have, in a desperate bid to protect and run interference for the miscreant, Joe Biden, attempted to "Whataboutism" this, just as they invariably or inevitably do every time Biden is caught with his dirty little faux-pas pants down; indeed, the doozy or misleading "whataboutism" narrative, you know, lielielie, and did I forget to mention LIE, that the media is spinning, peddling, and propagating in order to sugarcoat Biden's unconstitutional self-serving electioneering activities is that a President, of course, with the TDS selective exception of President Trump, that is, can withhold or delay the delivery of funds, because, don't ya know, in 1981 Reagan withheld fighter jets from Israel, or at least, according to Democrats, like, for example, Peter Baker, —(the New York Times propaganda rag winner of a Pulitzer Prize for his in depth, exceptionally bogus Left-wing reporting on the Trump/Russia Collusion scandal, or moreover, known to truth seekers as the the Hillary Clinton bought and paid for 2016 Election interference HOAX! Of course, Peter, being a Democrat and therefore prone to fantastical bullshit, conveniently left out the following inconvenient facts, details, and differences between Biden and Reagan in that:

1– Reagan not only operated within the framework of the law, as required by the "Impoundment Control Act" by notifying Congress of sales or pauses in weapons delivery BEFOREHAND; Biden, on the other hand, did NOT, but instead, he chose to keep Congress in the dark in violation of the "Impoundment Control Act" and hence, in violation of Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution, ergo, making his actions impeachable. —You see, and as I iterated before in not so many words, a decisive or definitive decision on such an action, a weapons embargo, can not be considered, much less reached and/or enacted, unless and until the Executive Branch, i.e., the Presidency, in this case, the politically and bureaucratically anointed worthless excuse for a President, Joe Biden, first follows very specific protocols and notifies Congress of his intentions, and Congress, the Legislative Branch, i.e., the 435 elected Representatives of the People, who, as I mentioned earlier, possessing the power of the purse, must then either approve or disapprove of said weapons embargo; however, and as I also already stated, Biden failed to do so because, you know, to hell with Israel and the Constitution be damned, Joe Biden and the Establishment have an electorate to manipulate and an election to rig! 

2— Nor did Reagan, as a Constitutional Conservative American Patriot, fund Iran, Iranian proxies, or prop up terrorists, like Joe the "Big Guy" Biden has and is currently doing to the tune of billions of dollars. In fact, like Trump, the Iranians feared Reagan; they don't fear Biden… they laugh at him. 


3— During Reagan's term, both the Iraq nuclear strike and the Lebanese War were wars of choice, to some extent, in that Israel made the decision to attack. The current War in Gaza is a justified response to the profoundly diabolical and unprovoked October 7th terrorist attack on Israel and against the Jewish people. 

In light of the aforementioned, it goes without saying that the media's duplicity is staggering, to say the very least, but not at all surprising given not only their encouragement and amplification of the objectionably vulgar references to Jews in the days, weeks, and months following the October 7th terrorist attack on Israel, but also in view of their willingness to embolden Palestinian Hamas savages by propping up and promoting their antisemitic cult of sympathizers and their smear campaigns, devious deeds, lies, and propaganda, and in doing so, malign and besmirch an entire minority group of innocent civilians, obviously in this case, Jews, based on contrived fallacies engineered by these very same Radical Islamic murderous savages for the sole purpose of villainizing and garnering global sympathy. 

However, that said, the propaganda that Biden, a United States President, is using, the bald-faced lies that his Administration and the Democrat Party are spreading, painting Israel as the aggressor, as a genocidal oppressor in order to secure votes in the name of "Absolute Power," is not just beyond the pale and intentional; it's reprehensible. God only knows we wouldn't want people to get the right idea and think that these Radical Islamic demonic savages were bad "folks," now would we… harboring ill intent and a deep dark, seething death wish against all Jews, not to mention Christians and gays to boot, or for that matter, against any and all Westerners who don't practice Islam and/or bow to Allah, but, hey, let's not quibble over minutia, you know, the trivial, inconsequential details like, for example, who wants to mutilate, behead, and slaughter who; haven't you heard, Biden has votes to court and an election to steal… hello, priorities people! 

Without question, Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are spearheading a diabolical evil campaign against the Government of Israel; they are doing their utmost to force a coup d'état in order to oust and replace Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with some sycophantic lapdog or clown that they can control; however, it's not going to work. Their wicked little plot is futile as the Israeli people can see what Biden is up to, and like the majority of God-fearing Americans with a conscience who know right from wrong, they too don't like it; in fact, they feel betrayed by Joe Biden and the United States, which, of course, is reflective in the polls as support for Benjamin Netanyahu is, without question, and much to Biden's angst, growing substantially day by day! 

Clearly, given Biden's behavior, it doesn't count for anything, or at least not to Biden and Democrats, that is, that Israel not only supported America directly after but in the years and decades that followed 9/11, acting as the tip of the spear for us, being our eyes and ears on the ground in the Middle East as it were, so that we, America, could and can in effect, deter another 9/11 terrorist attack on our Nation and sleep at night. For all intents and purposes, it appears that the only thing that matters to Biden these days is his naked political endeavor to win the heavily or densely Muslim-populated States of Michigan and Minnesota… indeed that is what, in every respect, seems to be fueling Biden's failure or rather deliberate refusal to stand by and protect our only ally in the Middle East, not to mention, compromising our own National Security interests by misusing and abusing the powers of the Presidency. 

It seems Democrats have all but forgotten that Israel is not only a Sovereign Nation but a country that has an absolute RIGHT and, for that matter, DUTY to defend its borders for the sake, safety, security, and survival of its Sovereignty and people above all else and that else includes Biden's reelection bid; Israel is not Joe Biden's doormat. They do not need nor do they require Biden's "permission" to go into Rafah, to take out Hamas, and to protect their people, contrary to the Left's misguided notion that they somehow do. Biden and Democrats would do well to remember that Israel, as small as she is, is not just an important ally but, as most, or at least those whose brains haven't fallen out of their heads, would contend, a crucial strategic ally that we unequivocally need on our side in the War against Terrorism. 

Indeed, it goes without saying that Israel is not just any old ally that we are bound by treaty, conscience, and morality to help and support in their time of need, but they are, in point of fact, also an ally that is not only fighting their enemy in their best interests, but they are also fighting that same enemy, our enemy, for us, in our best interests. They are fighting Iran and their consortium of ruthless Radical Islamic Terrorist proxies who, for the sole purpose of carrying out another 9/11-style terrorist attack on the United States, are currently streaming into our country through our wide open Southern Border; of course, once again, thanks to Biden's fecklessness, come one come all open border policies that are, in fact, getting Americans killed… policies that will most assuredly lead to another 9/11; not if, but when, as anyone and everyone with a half a functioning brain well knows! —These terrorists don't just want to see every last Jewish man, woman, and child dead, slaughtered, and blown to pieces; they also want to see us, every last American slain too.

All of which begs the question, whose side is Biden on? 

He is funding Iran to the tune of Billions, and he has been doing so since the day he shuffled into office, supplying them, the world's number one State Sponsor of Terrorism, with the wherewithal they need to finance their proxy's malign activities in the region, against Israel, and others around the world, which includes the barbaric October 7th Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, not to mention the Houties and Hezbollah's attacks on our ships, in addition to providing them with more than ample funding needed to rebuild their military, while at the same time, Biden, in the name of the utterly insane, the ludicrous, and the perverse, an ideology otherwise known as wokism, has weakened and made our military a laughing stock around the world, stripped it to the bare bones, and created a real National Security threat, not to mention degrading our service members, whether morally, spiritually, or physically; subjecting them, our fighting men and women, as part of their training, to mandatory DEI indoctrination programs rooted in the tenets of Cultural Marxism and, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and in doing so leaving America vulnerable to attack from those, like Iran, who wish us harm.

So again, I ask, whose side is Biden on?

1— Dictating to the Jewish people "who survived the Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans, and the Third Reich, telling them that they cannot fight and wipe out Hamas," a hateful organization that is committed to the destruction of Israel and the evisceration of the Jewish people. 

2— Standing on hallowed ground at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, falsely claiming, from one side of his putrid lying mouth, that his support for Israel is "ironclad," while, from the other side of his trap, on the campaign trail, he trashes Israel, falsely claiming that they are indiscriminately murdering so-called innocent Palestinian, as he gives aid and comfort to modern-day Nazis, to Hamas, threatening Israel, and for weeks on end, surreptitiously halting weapons, and withholding key intelligence that the Israeli's need to defeat Hamas… a murderous barbaric scourge on this earth.

3– Taking absolutely no responsibility for not only the War that he, Joe Biden, unleashed in the Middle East against Israel that resulted in the massacre of approximately 1400 innocent Israelis on October 7th, 2023, but also the antisemitism that is now spreading like a plague across the country, in classrooms, and on college campuses

Israel is going to fight Hamas, and they are not just going to defeat Hamas; they are going to annihilate Hamas and show Joe Biden how it's done, how real men, real leaders lead, fight, and win, and they are going to do it with or without the Democrat's support much less, their permission, whether Biden, Blinken, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the self-hating Jews and reprobates in the Democrat Party, like it or not! 

Without question, the greatest threat that Israel and the Jewish people face today is not Hamas, not even Iran; Israel can handle terrorists… the real threat to Israel is Joe Biden. 

The fact of the matter is, if Joe Biden had left well enough alone, this War would have been fought and won by now; it would have been long over, and the hostages would be safe, home, and with their families where they belong, but unfortunately, they are all, in all likelihood, dead now, a travesty of travesties that Biden is responsible for because he looked, and he saw, and he did nothing but prolong this War by hamstringing and threatening Israel, because clearly tiptoeing around Palestinian American Muslims, courting the vote, and winning the election -regardless of principles, irrespective of the scourge of antisemitism, no matter the dire and grave threat and consequences Radical Islamic Terrorism poses- seems, or rather, IS more important to Joe Biden than supporting and protecting our ally and the Jewish People!

None of this was happening under President Trump, and when I say none of this, I mean absolutely everything… our borders were protected, our enemies were on the run, Iran was broke, ISIS was annihilated, peace deals were being forged across the Middle East, between Israel and several Muslim Nations, and the world was safe, secure, and prosperous with President Trump at the helm! 

However, with Biden at the helm, "The world is a dangerous place (now), not because of those who do evil but because of those who look and do nothing!" — Do something: vote for President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024, and let's once again make the world a safer place. 

Linda Genzel Editor @Wecu News 


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