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Brian Sims - Elected Official or Social Justice Warrior?

There is scant media coverage of representative Brian Sims of Pennsylvania videoing himself harassing an elderly woman because she was outside a Planned Parenthood facility praying for the souls of the children to be aborted.  Sims, going live on social media to doxx this woman and berate her for her actions.  All while his sycophantic followers gave him accolades for his divisive actions.


A video of him harassing the woman can be seen here.  Recommend viewer discretion.  in addition to his harassment of the woman praying, there is a video of him where he offers his viewers $100 for the identities of three teenagers who were also praying at the facility.  Whether his offering this hundred dollars for their identities in order to cause harm to them or their families remains is a question social media is asking.  

The video begs the question, were his actions illegal? Pennsylvania Code Title 18 - CRIMES AND OFFENSES Chapter 27 - Assault 2709 - Harassment.  Under this code,  A person commits the crime of harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another, the person:  follows the other person in or about a public place or places.  

According to PJ media, "At one point, Sims uses his status as a representative to dissuade her from calling for help from the police, whom he claims he "knows" because he's an elected official. He taunts her to call the police because he knows them, he says, and they'll side with him."  

Here is a noteworthy tweet from his twitter account.

Given this tweet is his district really the City of Brotherly Love?  Or is he only advocating for black, brown, queer, trans, atheists and immigrants.  Is he representing all the people in his district, or just a loud vocal minority?  

In addition to his prolific skills in communicating his philosophy, this tweet is an attention grabber:

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