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Democrat Lies, Propaganda, Media Minions & Their Parroting Pundits. Hi

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As we kick off the New Year with, what I am sure are some lofty, well-intentioned resolutions, the unfortunate reality is that we are currently living or rather being trounced in what feels like a game of “beat-the-clock,” where collectively, our nation at large, our sovereignty, security, economic stability and prosperity, and our societal principles, values, and norms that have shaped our identity and protected our Liberties, Freedoms, and Rights for almost 250 years are under attack and barreling headlong toward a cliff that leads to nowhere good, and fast. Inarguably, to poverty through unbridled taxation, to tyranny through one-party rule, and to the very real bone-chilling potential for World War III looming over our heads what with Biden's “Wars through weakness” approach and response to dictators, tyrants, and terrorists and their malevolent and maniacal provocations and aggression against the United States, and all whilst we wait on pins and needles, growing more disconcerted by the day as we anxiously yearn for Tuesday, November 5th, 2024 to arrive and wake us from this hellish nightmare that is Bidenism, as we hang onto the propitious of hope for a return to the days of 45 where we are, without a shadow of a doubt, guaranteed a better future for our children with education, not indoctrination, where a prosperous and thriving economy is not just a dream but a reality, and where the safety, security, and sovereignty of America, the American people, and our Southern Border takes priority over illegal aliens, foreign borders, and geopolitics, including global conflicts and wars, and so much more.

With campaign season set to go nuclear on Monday, January 15th as the Iowa caucuses kickoff the first leg of the General Election, President Trump's poll numbers continue to dominate less than ten months shy of November's Presidential Election, ostensibly demonstrating that he is still the man to beat, the 800-pound gorilla in the race as it were, not only making him the clear-cut decisive frontrunner but the de-facto Republican incumbent in the Presidential Election, as he not only enjoys a commanding and formidable double-digit lead over his GOP rivals on the Republican ticket —(rivals who, from the get-go, have attempted to market and peddle themselves as alternatives to Trump without the drama while hijacking his MAGA agenda, policies, and plans… in other words, inauthentic, disloyal thieves who not only lack character, integrity, and charisma, but who are also incapable of original thought… no thank you mma'am— but as he, Donald J. Trump, the PPeople'sPresident, also pulls ahead of Democrat Dictator wannabe Joe Biden, expanding his lead, particularly and most notably, in seven key battleground states where the stakes ccouldn'tbe any higher… Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nevada.

Indeed, seven swing states that at this abysmal juncture in Biden's failed Presidency, with a crumbling economy, a mass invasion at our Southern Border, and wars waging throughout the world —(in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, from Russia, Ukraine, to Afghanistan, to Gaza/Iran and Israel, now Yemen, and up next, in all probability Asia, with heightened tensions between China and Taiwan)— would not only be more than too happy to return President Trump to the White House and send the flailing disaster that is Joe Biden packing and back to the basement from whence he came, but also seven crucial states that will ultimately decide not only who our next President is but also the faith and preservation of our Constitutional Republic, which is presently under attack and being circumvented and derailed by Democrats, a Party that is now rife with Marxists and far-left radicals who have wholeheartedly embraced the tenets of communism, a totalitarian ideology, and movement whose sole purpose it is to weaken and wither away the norms of free speech and open debate in favor of dogma, coercion, and ideological conformity as it strives to obliterate individual rights, freedoms, ideals, and American exceptionalism under the “"retense of social justice,”"as its dutiful foot soldiers wading in the putrid rank and file swamp of the Democrat Party systematically labor to dismantle and topple the socio-economic and moral principles upon which our Republic was founded and built by manipulating, distorting, and controlling the message with the intent to influence, deceive, and dupe the masses in the interest of absolute power and control over the people; indeed the true essence of Marxist propaganda.

With the evolution of technology and the internet, the dawn and rise of social media has not only given the Democrat regime a whole new platform from which to communicate and disseminate their loathsome cultural Marxist propaganda on a mass scale and to the entire world at large with the flip of a switch, the swipe of a finger, and the stroke of a mouse but it has also: 1– Revolutionized, transformed, and forever changed how data and information are created, collected, manipulated, exploited, and shared with the use of sophisticated digital resources and techniques, whether through algorithms or AI, in order to alter images, reframe information, and/or produce and generate “deep-fake” videos that are capable of making it appear, sound, and seem as though someone, the target of the Democrats ire, had been somewhere and/or had done or said something that they, in actual fact, unequivocally had not.

2– Made it exponentially easier for Democrats to employ their good old fashioned, time-honored, loathsome, and divisive USSR tactics of “divide and conquer” on a global scale, whether through the use of censorship in academic, political, and public discourse, debate, and dissent online, or whether it involves distorting, manipulating, and rewriting history, and putting it out into the ether on left-wing sites and search engines, such as Wikipedia and/or Google, or whether it involves the use of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation to divide the masses into two distinct warring factions… the privileged oppressor and the oppressed victim.

3– Enabled Democrats to concentrate power and weaponize government in a much more insidious and nefarious manner, and in doing so, bringing left-wing lawfare and lies to an entirely new level of wicked, what with the steadfast support of a handful of big tech technogarchs. Whether that involved or involves surreptitiously allying up with and conspiring to shadow ban, shutdown, and ultimately silence and gag the Democrat PParty'spolitical opponent(s) and/or arch enemy numero uno, i .e., President Trump, or whether that meant or means tampering with, manipulating, altering, and/or outright fabricating and propagating evidence of a crime where there was or is, in fact, no actual crime, in order to maliciously prosecute, persecute, and imprison the Democrat PParty'spolitical opponent(s), in order to eliminate the competition i.e., President Trump, or whether that involved or involves concealing evidence of an actual crime or crimes in order to protect corrupt Establishment Democrat politicians, their families, and/or a sitting U.S. President, i.e., Joe Biden and his family, particularly the Big GGuy'sson Hunter Biden… not to mention willfully lying and allowing that lie and/or lies to be circulated and repeated over and over again without any retraction, correction, or mea culpa after the lie has been exposed as a lie so that the line between what is real, what is true, what is right and what is fake, what is false, what is wrong is too blurred for the average American to discern.

Bearing the aforementioned in mind, I am sure you can imagine, what with President TTrump'ssoaring poll numbers and all, that even just the mere thought of a 2nd “America First,” you know, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Trump term, and all of that good Constitutional MAGA stuff that will most assuredly accompany said term, is utterly terrifying for the ever overbearing Cultural Marxist Democrats on the woke side of the political divide… for Joe Biden, for the 4th Estate state-run media, and for Establishment Rinos alike as they, in a frenzied, ever-growing state of sheer desperation, like rabid manic lunatics trapped in an asylum and tearing their hair out, cobble together another fictitious “Get Trump” scandal designed to tarnish, trash, and takedown Trump in the lefts infinitely insidious and unrelenting “ Lawfare and lies” crusade against the People's President... of course, nothing new, just another day and scheme in the life of a despotic Democrat. Indeed, this new “Get Trump” scandal, a purported “explosive report,”as the media has characterized it, much the same as the gazillion other so-called “Get Trump” explosive reports” that have come and gone and been debunked before it, alleges that President TTrump'slegitimate taxpaying businesses are somehow equivalent to Joe Biden's clandestine tax evasion money laundering and influence peddling pay-for-play business schemes because, you know, “foreign government officials” paid to rent hotel rooms in Trump's incredibly luxurious hotels when they were in town, because, you know, sleeping on the street, under the stars, on slabs of stone cold concrete, and breathing in all that fresh dirty city air is much more inline with Democrat standards; I mean seriously, haven't you heard, it helps you become one with nature and is just so much more comfortable and rejuvenating than catching some shuteye and respite in a five-star hotel that comes outfitted and furnished with heavenly cloud like feather mattresses, ultra plush down pillows, crisp clean high thread count sheets, extra large jacuzzi bathtubs, running hot water, 24/7 room service, minibars, pay-per-view still-in-theater movies, and oh, I almost forgot, my personal favorite, a spa, where you can indulge your senses in some therapeutic deep-tissue massages, and/or maybe a facial and a mani-pedi... Of course, the Democrats' reasoning and motives for making such a ludicrous notional claim in order to create some sort of equivalency between Donald Trump's legitimate business hotel transactions and Joe Biden's illegal money laundering schemes, as ridiculous and left field as it is to even the lowest of functioning brains among us, couldn't be more obvious… it's just another deflect and project trifold electioneering machination concocted to: 1– Manipulate the electorate… In order to: 2– Take the heat off of and cast shade on Joe BBiden'streasonous crimes... So that: 3– Come November 5th, 2024, easily persuadable Independent voters who are on the fence and who have a sneaking suspicion, deep down in the pit of their stomachs, that Joe Biden is, in fact, corrupt and compromised, in light of the mountains of evidence that Congressman James Comer and other House Oversight Committee members unearthed throughout the course of their ongoing investigation and impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, can then look at Trump and say: “well, you know, he is just as corrupt and compromised as Joe the Big Guy Biden is,” ergo, it's a wash, when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

At this point, after seven years of failed witch-hunts, after failed hoaxes, after failed malicious prosecutions, roughly 70%, decidedly, the vast majority of the American population, if not the entire global population, are plugged in and acutely aware that Democrats will stop at absolutely nothing, the least of which is lie, manipulate stories, and fabricate evidence to get what they want; to be sure, if the last seven or so years have demonstrated, or rather exposed and taught us anything, it is most assuredly that. Indeed, the abysmal diabolical depths to which the Democrats are willing to sink in order to get what they want are not only borderline psychotic and psychopathic, they are, in fact, profoundly psychotic and psychopathic in nature, but be that as it may, however Machiavellian and frightening their behavior is, none of the Left's chicanery, dirty tricks, doublespeak, propaganda, fear-mongering, politically motivated malicious prosecutions, and other contrived Stalinist tactics concocted and employed to remove President Trump from the 2024 ballot, in blatant violation of the United States Constitution and Trump's Constitutional Rights, have or will scare, stymie, or thwart our indefatigable unwavering support for him. In point of fact, if anything, the Democrats' malign scheming has had quite the opposite effect, not only rallying 99% of Republicans but also a sizeable percentage of Independents and even some centrist Democrats to Trump's corner in support and defense of him, and why? Well, because ordinary, everyday hard-working, God-fearing Americans, you know, those with a conscience, a modicum of common sense, decency, and integrity, along with a moral compass, can see what, in actual fact, is really going on here, and they do not like it, not one bit. You see, you can fight, you can kick, you can scream, you can holler and hoot, throw a punch, sling mud, and tear each other's throats and hair out on the campaign trail, so long as it's a fair fight, but when you cheat, when you weaponize our government and employ the most insidious of Soviet Union era tactics to defeat and destroy your opponent because you can't win on merit, well, that is a bridge too far, that is where most Americans draw the line.

Yes Indeed, inarguably a line, a social norm or code of conduct, that over the last several years Democrats have deliberately crossed and flouted in our faces over, and over, and over again, of course, with the unrelenting support and financial backing of the establishment media, their parroting pundits, corporate oligarchs and big tech technogarchs, and all in the name of “Democracy,” or so the left has proclaimed and continues to proclaim in self-righteous sanctimony as they thump their chests and chant from on high that “nobody is above the law,” of course, while simultaneously trampling all over the United States Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, as they nakedly and flagrantly politicize, weaponize, and corrupt our justice system in an unscrupulous clandestine bid to expel Joe Biden's political opponent, President Donald J. Trump, from the 2024 Presidential ballot and/or if that fails, plan B, partisan indictments; throw Trump in prison for, you know, 700 hundred years or so, give or take a couple of days or decades, no biggie… and why? Well, so Joe Biden can be appointed to a second term because, after all, he can't run or win on his accomplishments because he has none to speak of; nothing but one catastrophe, after another crisis, after another calamity, after another, and another, and another, and an economy that is quite literally crashing and burning with each passing day that Joe Biden remains in power. With all the Democrat's blowhard holier than thou bull-shitting and bloviating about democracy, the thing is, you can't actually have a democracy, or in America's case, a Constitutional Republic, when you are, in actual fact, actively engaged in usurping democracy by endeavoring to replace free and fair elections with a handpicked one-candidate “no choice” election, now can you… they know that, and we know that, and they know we know that, but still, they lie because the Democrats believe that if they repeat the lie often enough, people will eventually believe it. To be sure, the Democrat's hypocrisy and hubris is truly stunning. On Wednesday, January 3rd, notably, on the heels of the court-ordered release of the Jeffrey Epstein sex files, and I might add, after months of observing and listening to the shills on the left deliberately ignore, deflect, and deny the absolute existence of the overwhelming and copious amounts of inculpatory evidence implicating Joe Biden, the reprobate, in his family's corrupt foreign influence peddling schemes, the establishment media suddenly decided that Wednesday was also the perfect day to scrap all other news, replacing it with wall-to-wall coverage of the DDemocrat'slatest “explosive report” against Donald Trump, chronicling the “we got him” this time files, a thrilling saga based upon the TDS novelette of politically motivated hoaxes, witch-hunts, and malicious prosecutions.

Forget the infamous Jeffrey Epstein client list; the media had far more pressing matters to report than covering a proverbial black book of sexual predators, you know, names of corporate giants, media moguls, and political elite serial pedophiles who spent decades hobnobbing and jet setting with Jeffrey Epstein, taking trips to his notorious sex Island where they raped, exploited, and abused vulnerable young girls for their own sadistic perverse pleasure. To the media, that was not newsworthy, no doubt, in large part because President Trump, much to the Left's distress, was not on the salacious Epstein client list, but do you know what was newsworthy? What made the headlines: “OMG, Trump took money from foreign governments..." Not: “OMG, Bill Clinton allegedly sexually exploited and abused underage girls because "HE LIKED THEM YOUNG…” No, that was not “newsworthy" or important enough for the media to cover… But, again, what was: “Trump took money from foreign governments……….”However, with a few critical, contextual details missing from the left's purported “explosive report,” in that, the money was, in fact, as I said, “in exchange for hotel room rentals, you know, lodgings, accommodations, in luxurious 5-star Trump hotels when said foreign government leaders, officials, and their accompanying delegation of subordinates, along with their security details were in town for diplomatic purposes while Donald Trump was President;” of course, reporting the former and conveniently leaving out the latter in their specious “explosive report,” was all by design.

Yes, indeed, fake outrage and wall-to-wall hysteria over what was, in actual fact, perfectly legitimate business transactions, i.e., payments made in exchange for “goods and services” rendered, that Democrats and the media then distorted, framed, and phrased to sound untoward. By the way, the profits from which the Trump Organization, going the extra mile to avoid any appearance of impropriety, voluntarily donated to the U.S. Treasury to be used for the betterment and benefit of America and the American people, another contextual caveat or tidbit of information that Democrats and the media shirked, conveniently disregarding and neglecting to include or mention in their “we got Trump” this time “explosive report…..” that ladies and gentlemen, legitimate legal business transactions, took precedence over Jeffrey Epstein'slist of serial sexual predators, all of whom, are still roaming the streets as we speak… indeed, that is how utterly sick and soulless the American left has become…

Strange though, when you think about it, according to the left's redefined definition of what constitutes “money laundering,” it's now a crime for Trump to receive payments in exchange for the “RENTAL,” access, and use of hotel rooms, amenities, and services in his hotels. Yet, somehow after discovering that Joe Biden and the entire Biden crime family banked tens of millions of dollars from our adversaries, from corrupt foreign governments, entities, and oligarchs for the “RENTAL,” access, and use of Joe Biden's "power and influence,” the media framed and phrased it as there is “nothing to see here” or "here is no evidence to support the claim that Joe Biden was involved or implicated in his son's shady foreign business dealings,” despite the mountains of evidence that was publicized on the House Oversight Committee' website, disclosed for the media, Democrats, and their constituents edification and enlightenment… you know, a paper trail of bank records, other documents. and communications, like, for example, direct payments where, for example, Joe Biden's brother, Jim Biden, received a check(s) for hundreds of thousands of dollars from corrupt foreign entities and oligarchs and then, on the very same day no less, Joe the Big Guy Biden received a check from Jim Biden for the exact same amount, but hey, ddon'tread into that; iit'sjust a co-inky-dink that happened, only like, like, like, not to sound too much like Alexandria Occasional Cortex, you know, every single solitary time… but as I said, a co-inky-dink, because, you know, the Big Guy said they were all loan repayments for, you know, loans that ccan'tbe verified ever existed because there are no loan agreements, or bank withdrawals and deposits slips to establish and corroborate the origin or genesis of said loans… but never you mind, the plagiarizer in chief never lies; he said it was a loan, so just shut up, sit down, and stop asking questions and talking about it… end of story; I don't want to hear another peep about it, as Fang Fang Eric fartacus Swalwell demanded.

Obviously, it goes without saying that Democrats and their smug, shallow little shills in the left-wing media are of the myopic, bigoted, elitist view that the American people are much too simpleminded to compare, contrast, and then extrapolate the difference between what Joe Biden did, leeching off of the system and the American taxpayers for 50 years while unscrupulously and surreptitiously exploiting his son to market and sell his “"ower and influence”"around the world, first as a U.S. Senator and then as the vice President, collecting tens of millions of dollars to enrich and elevate himself and his family at the expense and to the detriment of our National Security, and what President Trump did “not to enrich himself,” but moreover, as a real estate tycoon who owned hotels before he became President and then, after becoming President, going the extra mile by voluntarily donating the profits from his hotels to the United States Treasury to avoid even the remote possibility or appearance of impropriety and influence peddling, in AGAIN, what ultimately ended up being for the betterment and benefit the American people; after all, President Trump was under no contractual, legal, or Presidential duty or obligation to donate the profits from his businesses to the U.S. Treasury. How many politicians, corporate executives, media and big tech technogarchs, and/or current or former United States Presidents have you heard of lately or, for that matter, ever, to have voluntarily donated the profits from their businesses to the U.S. Treasury? —I'd venture a guess that the answer to that question is precisely zero!

Indeed, quite the moral equivalency… NOT! Oddly enough, in the thick of the media's latest “Get Trump” propaganda fest, what these same pathetic little talking heads omitted, what they consciously neglected to mention, what they want you to overlook, forget, erase, and possibly develop an incurable case of selective amnesia over, is that: 1) They already covered this story in depth and with the same malicious vigor, ferocity, and level of “the sky is falling hysterics” during Trump's Presidency as they are now… in other words, it's old news dusted off, tweaked, and repackaged as new news because, after seven years of failed witch-hunts and hoaxes, Democrats have exhausted all “Get Trump” avenues and are running out of new ways to manufacture crimes and offenses to pin on him in order to make him, an incorruptible man, appear as corrupt and compromised as Joe Biden.

2– Trump put his company in a trust and ceded complete control of his hotels and other business interests to his children before he set so much as one foot inside the White House as the 45th President of the United States.

3– Trump refused to take a Presidential salary but, instead, opted to give it away to be used for, AGAIN, the betterment and benefit of America and the American people… that's right, he gave it all away, roughly two million dollars over the course of four years; he didn't have to, but he did it anyway out of the goodness of his heart because he is a patriot, a man who, time and time again, has sacrificed and put, and continues to put, the American people and America, our Constitutional Republic, before himself and all else because that is who he is… far from the monster the media and Democrats want you to believe he is…

Indeed, all Trump got in return for his well-intentioned kindness and generosity was abused, slandered, ridiculed, and disrespected by the American-Left… no gestures of gratitude and appreciation, no “thank you, President Trump, that was really decent of you.” He got nothing but persecuted, mistreated, misjudged, and maligned by rabid Democrats and their unhinged cult of woke Cultural Marxist minions, grunts, and intellectual media midgets who, in fact, have deluded themselves into believing that they own the moral high ground… that they are somehow good people when, in fact, nothing could be further than the truth!

It truly is astonishing to watch and listen to so-called self-described journalists lie with such ease, a straight face, and no shame. Indeed, gone are the days where journalistic integrity and honesty actually meant something, in fact, meant everything. Unfortunately, with the left-wing infiltration and politicization of every agency and institution in the country, the mainstream media has become little more than the coms department for the Democrat Party, where truth is a foreign concept and lying is not only an unspoken job expectation but a job requirement for today's so-called journalists and reporters who, ostensively, spend most of their waking hours and days colluding with Democrat politicians, surreptitiously crafting and creating narratives and stories out of tin air, then presenting and propagating them as fact and/or “breaking news,” even though they reek with the rotten stench of "position research" that one would ordinarily expect a campaign to push out into the ether in order to hurt and harm their political opponents, particularly when it comes to President Trump, because they all know honesty wwon'tscare anyone away, much less out of voting for Trump; in point of fact, such an uncommon concept these days, you know, truth, would, in actuality, only draw more people to him, and so what else is there left for the media to do in order to protect and prop up Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, but lie; to twist, manipulate, phrase, frame, and rephrase and reframe words, stories, and events into something they absolutely are not in order to scare people away from Trump and into believing that he is a big bad monster who is a threat to democracy, when he is anything and everything but that. That is how utterly wicked and despicable these people are! Soulless, conscienceless psychopaths who will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way, no matter who it may be and no matter what it takes; there is nothing too insidious, vicious, and cruel that they won't do, no lie too deceptive or too duplicitous that won't tell, and no-one too innocent, too young, too old, or too vulnerable that they won't destroy, and they will do it without even batting an eyelid or breaking a sweat, and why? Because they are driven by a relentless, unquenchable thirst and lust for absolute power, they lack intellectual, judicial, and moral fortitude, integrity, and honesty because their principles are deeply rooted in the tenets of communism, which are diametrically opposed to America's founding principles and our fundamental belief in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the freedom of choice, and the right to self-determination… all bedrock values upon which this Republic was built… indeed, principles and values and that are enshrined and forever immortalized in both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution… founding documents for which Democrats utterly despise.

In a matter of years, the United States could quite conceivably become irreversibly unrecognizable because of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, his administration, and the three letter agencies thereof, in collusion with big tech and the Left-wing media who have, in a joint perfidious and clandestine effort, weaponized our federal government and engaged in some of the most egregious, destructive, deceitful, and unconstitutional abuses of power that this country has ever witnessed; if Marxist thought is not defeated again, “today's cultural Marxists will achieve what the Soviet Union never could: the subjugation of the United States to a totalitarian, soul destroying ideology.” where: 1– Left-wing Congressional leaders with unfettered power push through legislation and create laws at will. without any checks and balances, no matter how radical or deleterious they may be to the American people and our Nation at large… 2— Where the Supreme Court legislates rather than deliberates, usurping the United States Constitution and the will of the people rather than protecting our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms… 3— Where one-party rule dictates and controls every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave...

Our country is at a moral and economic crossroads and will, without question or exception, devolve into a communist dystopian hellhole in no time —(it's more than halfway there at this point)— if we continue to treat Left-wing Cultural Marxism in the so-called name of “social justice,” with indifference and anything other than utter disdain. Every good-faith assessment of the Left's intentions only serves to normalize and legitimize this profoundly dangerous, un-American ideology.

The only thing standing between us and that reality is the results of the 2024 General Election,

The only threat to democracy is the Democrat Party.


The only person who can Save America is President Donald Trump, Remember, without choice, there is no Democracy, or in the United States of America, no Constitutional Republic… just one world-order communist totalitarianism. Linda Genzel Editor @Wecu News Opinion.

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Even if all the lies and fake news about President Trump were true, he'd still be a better choice than the corrupt, compromised and incompetent Joe Biden. He'd give us a better economy, a safer world and a brighter future. The choice is MAGA or Woke. There really is no choice. I just hope there is an honest election. Trump in a landslide.

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