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Fact-Checkers and the Chinese Communist Party

Anyone reading this post especially if they have a Facebook account has heard of the organization "Lead Stories". They are one of the leading fact-checkers that Facebook uses to debunk alleged conspiracy theories and several people have had their posts pulled because of this organization, and those who haven't, have had their posts tagged by this organization.

Lead Stories website touts its organization as, "Lead Stories is an award-winning innovative fact-checking and debunking website at the intersection of big data and journalism that launched in 2015. Our editorial team originally just used the technology provided by Trendolizer™ (patent granted) to quickly find the most trending content on the internet to write about but our mantra has always been "Just Because It's Trending Doesn't Mean It's True."

However, a closer look at the organization shows a slightly different side of its virtuous organization. Allen Duke, the founder, and Editor-In-Chief of the fact-checking site has business dealings with the Chinese communist party. In fact, on Steve Bannon's War Room Pandemic, Duke admitted he is very comfortable working with the Communist Chinese Party.

Lead Stories' financial backing comes from an organization called ByteDance a parent company of TikTok and is heavily entrenched in the Chinese Communist Party. So if you have ever wondered why is my article about China being fact-checked look no farther than Alan Dukes of Lead Stories, who was quoted as saying,

“I feel very comfortable in the relationship that we have with all of our clients and the work that we do,” Duke responds when pressed on his ByteDance ties before reiterating, “I’m very comfortable with it.”

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