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Hacked on 𝕏

Today, a phone call interrupted my morning, and it was from a liberal friend who was quite upset about Donald Trump Jr. Their frustration was evident as they passionately exclaimed, "I was right, these Trumps are racist, and I have proof!" They proceeded to show me a post from his 𝕏 account, formerly known as Twitter where he used derogatory language to refer to Joe Biden and claimed that his father had passed away while announcing his presidential bid.

My immediate response was to visit Donald Trump Jr.'s 𝕏 account, which bore the coveted verification checkmark and boasted 10 million followers. However, even with these indicators, I found it challenging to believe that the account was genuine due to the unrefined tone of the posts.

To address my doubts, I scrolled through the account to see if these controversial posts were indeed from his account. The evidence indicated that the posts did originate from his account. Nevertheless, there is a prevailing belief that someone may have gained unauthorized access to Donald Trump Jr.'s X account.

The firestorm on 𝕏 was so intense that even Raheem Kassam, Editor in Chief of The National Pulse said, that he confirmed the account was hacked. The Screenshots below have been removed, however not before great damage was done portraying Donald Trump Jr. as a sociopath.

This should be a fair warning to anyone using social media that if the former presidents'

son can be hacked that anyone can be hacked.

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Linda Genzel
Linda Genzel
22 de set. de 2023

The lengths that leftists will go to!! It really is insidious!

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