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How Big Tech is Being used as Today's High-Tech Gestapo

Merriam Webster defined Gestapo as "a secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty." Big Tech has for years been gathering information on those who use their platform. Under the guise of creating a better experience or for use in marketing techniques, big tech knows pretty much everything except that which is buried deep in someone's head. Even that, remains questionable as to the limits of what big tech knows about its users.

Google, the king of big tech even has the ability to manipulate how people vote. Dr. Epstein testified before congress claiming that Big Tech had manipulated around 15 million votes for Clinton during the 2016 voting cycle. And that, should big tech decide to get involved in elections in the future they could absolutely affect the votes by their influence.

Leaked documents discovered by Project Veritas and their investigational team discovered that Google has indeed favored one political opinion over another

A Google whistleblower who went to Project Veritas with claims that Google blacklists, and de platforms organizations due to their political belief explained that Google called the police on him and wanted to do a "wellness" check due to his mental health. He later released the internal Google documents. These documents outline what Google intended to do, how they de-platform and Blacklist organizations they don't like. Organizations such as Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and other organizations.

While many Americans believe that their interference in the election cycle was unwarranted, where forth do the terrorist methods come into play? While the summer of 2020 was on fire with protestors, looters, rioters, and violent demonstrations across America, Big Tech was promoting them as "mostly peaceful demonstrations." In many cases, they were helping them by donating to their causes, and even funding them.

In 2020, DoorDash committed to donate $500,000 to Black Lives Matter, with another $500,000 earmarked for distribution to community nonprofits by its internal Black Employee Resource Group.

Airbnb donated $500,000 to Black Lives Matter despite the organization's pro-Marxist political agenda. Many other organizations followed suit.

Politicians such as AOC defended the looting and rioting claiming they are looting because they need food and haven't received their stimulus check yet.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are engaging in Gestapo techniques in order to keep their dominance in the tech industry. Their clandestine actions coupled with helping to project the narrative in a direction that is contradictory to a healthy debate are rarely questioned by anyone.

If big tech has that much power to manipulate what we see, how we feel, even how we respond to issues affecting our lives, imagine what they could do to a group of people they vehemently oppose.

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