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How Covid Will Kill the Constitution

Controlled Media, Face coverings, limited travel, and mandatory jabs to earn a living is just the first wave of how our government abused its power to gain control over your life.

The Media would have us all belive that if we went to work, school, out to eat, or to church we would all die without the use of a "face covering". The Government got to decide what business was important enough to remain open. Can you belive in modern times of such political correctness and equlity any institution having that kind of bias and power over an indavidual or entity? Well it did happen and it hasn"t stopped there. Since the inception of the experimental vaccine the media alongside with the current administration has waged a war on anyone who chooses to be "unvaxed" as if its some unclean way of living. The current battlefield is lined with over-reaching government arms on large businesses who are being forced to mandate the vaccine on its employees.. To earn a living you must be injected with an experimental drug. A drug that has a long list of health risks and zero knowledge of long term effects. This drug is also losing its effectiveness. People who have been vaccinated are still getting sick. We have no way of knowing if we will need boosters for the rest of our life.

The message is clear. The government can control our news. They can control your ability to travel. They can tell you what to wear and when to do so. They can tell you if you are important enough to make a living for your family. They can force upon you medical procedures which there is no acountability to the manufacturer. They can even limit your speach. If they can control our lives in such a way using covid what is to stop them from using any other news or virus to gain more control? How much are we willing to give up? Cant buy a ammo without a vaccine? Cant pray without doing what they say? What if the vaccine has consequences that can impair people later on from owning a gun? Read our constitution and tell me where this administration has infringed? You will be hard pressed to find any "RIGHT" untouched by this administration.

We want to know your thoughts. Am I being too "tin hat"? In two years we have been more divided, more indebted and more restricted than I can remmeber in my lifetime. Whats happening here in America is what I used to read about in History class about other countries. I never thought it could happen here. Is history always destined to repeat itself or can we actually overcome our losses? let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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