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Huh? What? Where?

July 24, 2019

Mueller testified before Congress today.  While stuttering, and unresponsive to questions posed by member of the Republican party, he answered no concrete questions with respect to his own report.  It gave the distinct appearance that he neither wrote nor read the report he presented to Attorney General William Barr.  

It was clear from his testimony that he couldn't recall what was in his own report, and that he possibly mis-interpreted the law.  

From the questions asked by the Democrat party, his questions gave the impression that the president could possibly be arrested after he leaves office, however, without concrete proof this could never be the case.  

It would appear that the burden of proof falls upon not a presumption of innocence, but rather a presumption of guilt until proved innocent.  Brought to you by the Democratic party.  

When questioned about the origins of the report, Mueller refused to answer questions.  He also refused to answer questions with respect to members of his own team, despite having lawyers that defended the origins of the investigation who perpetrated it.  Claiming he was hiring the best people for the job.


Congressman Gohmert pointed out that Mueller hired people who "didn't like the president."  When questioned about Jeannie Rhee, a Clinton lawyer, he claimed he didn't know she was a lawyer representing Clinton.  

This begs the question, who was running Mueller team? 

Did Mueller even hire his own team?  If not, then who did the hiring? 

We want your opinion, "Who won this round of questioning?"

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