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Is Richard Blumenthal Anti-Free Speech?

Commentary by ~Tim Walsh

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) Connecticut wants to outlaw threatening or attacking “anyone doing fact gathering or news operations” and specifically included “like with guns” in his statement. He even went so far as to say he wants to “protect vital newsgathering operations”. He wants to make it a federal crime.

Wait… What?? NO seriously… Really, he wants to outlaw assault, which is already illegal. One would think lawmakers should be familiar with existing law.

ABC News sent out the following tweet with a Video statement

Its amazing that Democrat leadership today condones the activities of groups like ANTIFA. You know the group that goes out dressed all in black wearing ski masks and, in the name of anti-fascism, gives a beatdown to people who disagree with them (fascism defined). Then they come out and make statements like this to portray themselves as being “anti-violence”.

In fact, ANTIFA are the ones that are out there ACTUALLY COMMITTING crimes of assault, against CONSERVATIVE journalists, and there is video evidence that gets broadcast on national news.

Lawsuits that follow are written off as “petty” by the left media.

Make no mistake, this bill would be like a hate crime bill. It is illegal to assault someone, but you get extra punishment to assault a journalist. Make is a Federal crime so it fits the “high crimes and misdemeanors” category. The next stage is to include Twitter in the “arsenal” of assault and “hurt feelings” in the list of tort. Then they could retroactively apply the law to the President. Then and only then they can finally “get Trump” on some crime and file articles of impeachment.

Journalism is not what it once was. It is sad but true. When Fox News anchor Sean Hannity always says “Journalism is Dead”, he means real journalism. My pinned tweet states: There is no more “Mainstream Media”, most major media is the PR arm of the DNC and the Deep State anymore.

As informed readers, we must ask ourselves, Why is Blumenthal creating this law, now, at this point in time. What is motivating him to do this? What is the benefit to the people? Is this a distraction?

We know the Horrowitz report on FISA abuse is coming out in the next week, and everyone knows it will be devastating for Democrats and the Deep State, but could this be to protect those reporting on it? Or to protect those covering it up?

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