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Is the Media Trying to Kill Children

Who needs more violence than the main stream media?  In a blatant attempt to stir the divide of hate and division more than it already is, the main stream media ran a manufacture hate hoax.  Picked up by every media outlet in the country, the hate hoax perpetrated at the hands of the media made it into the twitter feed of several politicians, and Hollywood elite hoping to make a mockery of Christianity, men, and the right to life organization.  

The story, where it described High School students who attended a Pro-Life rally at the nations capital alleged that the Covington Catholic High School students harassed an American Indian.  The incident occurred after the Pro Life Rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial while the students were waiting for their bus. 

According to media outlets, the students surrounded a native American, and would not allow him to pass.  There was a primitive video where people were yelling in the video while the native american pounded his drum in the face of one of the students.  Another group nearby was a group of people protesting the High School students, the Black Hebrew Israelites.  

The media alleged the Covington students in the following headlines as reported by Fox News: 

-  “The Catholic Church’s Shameful History of Native American Abuses,” the Washington Post declared. 

Failing to check the full unedited video of the event, the media went on to decry these children at the event as hateful racists.  The story, now debunked hasn't stopped the hate mongering and decrying of representative John Yarmuth attempting to shut down teenagers wearing MAGA hats. 

One of the students full accounts of the incident is posted below. Provided by Jake Tapper.  

Bakari Sellers of CNN in a deleted tweet is advocating for violence against the young man. "He is a deplorable.  Some people can also be punched in the face."

Jack Morrissey who works for Disney,

Representative Ted Lieu jumped on the band wagon of hate before the final verdict came out with respect to the validity of the claims the media was pushing.  Rushing to judgement on his twitter account, Ted posted: "Dear Covington Catholic:  I went to a Catholic high school and am a follower of Christ.  Jesus taught us to act in the exact opposite manner of how your students behaved".  

Granted free speech is a sacred right guaranteed to all Americans, however the malpractice brought about by media outlets in their coverage of this hate hoax, same day as the Right For Life event has proven that the media will stop at nothing to demean any supporters of President Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda.  Are they openly advocating for violence against American Christian Children? 

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