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Jacked-Up Charges:

Election Interference At Best. Seditious Conspiracy At Worst.

Forgive me if I don’t bat an eyelash, trust, or believe one damn word or syllable that comes out of the crooked mouths of the rogue prosecutors or agents who are currently occupying the upper echelons of the DOJ and FBI much less put a shred, ounce, or scintilla of stock or credibility into any of Merrick Garland and Jack Smith’s “Jacked-Up” erroneous accusations and surreptitiously engineered indictments against President Trump.

Time and again, they have proven themselves to be nothing more than self-serving, corrupt, lawless un-American lowlifes and liars!

In fact, I would not at all be one bit surprised if Jack Smith and Merrick Garland were indeed in cahoots and conspiring to fabricate, twist, stretch, and outright alter evidence, along with paying, bullying, and/or even threatening witnesses into lying and making false statements, claims, and allegations against Trump, if not outright intimidating anyone, even remotely, in Trump's orbit, into conjuring up crimes against him too, which is what I strongly suspect they are up to by indicting Trump’s Mar-A-Lago maintenance employee, Carlos De Oliveira.

Seriously, how low can they go? A maintenance man!

Are all Democrats 'Corrupt' pernicious psychopaths?

It certainly seems that way to me. After all, it is not as though both of these Democrat prosecutors, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are strangers to this type of duplicitous weaponization-of-government-against-conservatives; they have indeed engaged in this exact sort of malignant pernicious politically motivated behavior in the past against Trump and other Republicans, and for what it’s worth, some might even say, against the United States and the American people as a whole, at the behest of post and/or present career politicians and bureaucrats in or associated with the Democrat Party.

We could begin with the Former Director of the FBI, James Comey, and his contrived Crossfire Hurricane probe and team of corrupt and lawless agents and DOJ prosecutors, like, for example, James Baker, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, Andy McCabe, and Peter Strzok to name but a sliver of his unscrupulous law enforcement pit-bulls who not only knowingly, willfully, and repeatedly lied, but also fabricated, tampered with and altered evidence in an effort to mislead the FISA Court’s into authorizing spy warrants under false pretenses and without just cause, so that they could then not only spy on Trump’s associates but spy on them as a backdoor or means by which to spy on Trump himself in violation of the Patriot Act.

Then, of course, there is Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s 50 million dollar DOJ-Mueller Russia-Gate hoax that yielded absolutely nothing, to say nothing of the infamous 12 million dollar Clinton bought and paid for cock-and-bull Steele Dossier.

All of these aforementioned examples of political lawless malfeasances are just a small sampling of the cooked up hoax’s that our very own Department of Justice, more appropriately named these days as the Department of Injustice, and what is supposed to be the premier law enforcement agency in the world, the FBI, manufactured in collusion with Establishment Democrat politicians to trash and take down President Trump in what was nothing more than several, albeit failed, attempts to stage a Hugo Chavez style coup d'é·tat.

At this point in time, it is not conjecture, some wild stretch of the imagination, or a far-out tinfoil hat conspiracy theory to say that Joe Biden, his Attorney General, Merrick Garland, and the upper echelons of the United States Department of Justice, which includes Jack Smith, are utterly corrupt to their very core, because they are, and everyone knows it, whether or not the left-wing window lickers and Media hacks care to admit it!

Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice are indeed using themselves as a shield to protect the Bidens and a sword to attack President Trump and any other Republican, whether constituent or politician, who supports him.

When you look at and compare the unprecedented sweetheart deal that the head of the Deep-State, AG Merrick Garland, and his DOJ prosecutors cobbled together in willful collaboration with the Biden cartel defense attorneys, in what was an obvious effort to protect Hunter Biden from criminal prosecution, and by extension, to shield his co-conspiratorial father, Joe Biden, AKA, the “Big Guy,” from being indicted for his egregious crimes against the United States, and how they also misrepresented themselves to the Court, not unlike James Comey’s FISA court abuses, in an effort to sneak this wholly unconstitutional Plea Deal by Judge Maryellen Noreika and you compare it to Garland, his DOJ, and his pit-bull Jack Smith’s iniquitous political persecution, misconduct, and malicious prosecution of President Trump, from not just bending old statues, but also outright violating Trumps Constitutional Rights and the Constitution in general, to arresting Trump’s Mar-A-Lago maintenance employee, a “hearsay” witness at best, you just know that the entire system is corrupted and broken.

In America, you are not supposed to selectively select a person and try to find a crime to pin on them. You are legally obligated to take a crime and try to ascertain who perpetrated it. However, over the last several years, Democrats have weaponized our Justice System against their political opponents, more specifically, against the 2024 Republican Presumptive Presidential Nominee for President of the United States, former President Donald Trump. It should not be this way, at least not in America, a Constitutional Republic.

The corrupt DC Establishment and Deep State bureaucracy have not only permeated and saturated every corner and corridor of our three-letter agencies and institutions with their dark pervasive rot and law-fare system of political persecution and misconduct, but they are also keenly aware of the absolute, unadulterated, and undeniable fact that Joe Biden, the the Big Guy has committed crimes against the United States of America.

Indeed, the evidence now proves that the FBI and DOJ not only conspired to conceal Biden’s crimes in order to protect not only him but also to protect and preserve the DC Establishment Deep-State swamp as a covert and insidious institution, but that they are clearly still doing so in dereliction of their Oath of Office, by refusing to cooperate with Congress, hence violating Constitutional Congressional oversight, and ‘checks & balances’ statutes, which they are legally required to uphold.

Simply put, the Washington DC Swamp is utterly terrified, playing every card in the deck, pulling out every stop and trick in the book, scrambling to hide evidence in order to protect and shield both Joe and and Hunter Biden from criminal prosecution and, by extension, themselves, because let’s face it, if Biden goes down, he is bringing them along for the ride, and also because they know that President Trump is not just running for reelection on the Republican ticket but that he is also running away with it, and beating Joe Biden hands down in every general election-poll, and if Trump wins, they all go down!

The additional bogus charges that Jack Smith is now attempting to level against and indict President Trump on in the documents case, which oddly enough, the day after Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal fell apart, not only goes to show that they know their previous indictments are weak and will be thrown out once under Constitutional scrutiny by the Supreme Court, but that Merrick Garland has weaponized the Department of Justice and turned it into a tyrannical arm of the dictator wannabe, Joe Biden, and the Establishment Democrat Party in order to prevent Trump from returning to the White House.

What’s more, besides the United States Constitution that protects our rights to contest elections, there is also a law referred to as “The-Electoral-Count-Act-of-1887,” which was passed by Congress expressly stipulating that American citizens, which includes the sitting President of The United States, has the absolute legal right to ask questions, contest, challenge, and object to any or all election results at the counting of the electors on January 6th of every General Election cycle.

There would not be a day set aside whereby Congress counts the electoral votes unless it was presupposed that questions could be asked and objections could be made.

Clearly, Merrick Garland and Jack Smith believe that they are not only above the law but that they can make their own laws, as is evidenced by their ridiculous “conspiracy to defraud the United States” charge that they have brought against President Trump and why? Well, because, in violation of “The United States Constitution” and the “Electoral Count Act,” they are attempting to criminalize and criminally prosecute a wholly legal, Constitutional effort to contest election results by alleging that President Trump and Republicans Constitutionally afforded “Good Faith” right to ensure election integrity, by filing lawsuits, and by asking questions and raising objections with members of Congress in accordance with “The Electoral Count Act of 1887” on the “Electoral Count Day, is a crime when it’s clearly not.

Of course, under Merrick Garland and Jack Smith’s delusional interpretation of the law, no matter what type of unsanctioned or criminal alterations of election laws, counts, and/or practices Democrats partake in, no one, except for Democrat career politicians and bureaucrats are allowed to exercise their Constitutional Right to question, to object to, and/or to file lawsuits contesting the results of an election unless they want to be thrown in jail by Joe Biden’s AG Merrick Garland.

Make no mistake; President Trump was acting under the collar of the law by exercising his absolute right to question the election results and to object to the electoral vote count and certification, to which both The United States Constitution and Congress's “Electoral Count Act” contemplates. Democrats objected to the electoral count and certification time and again when they questioned, objected, and filed lawsuits contesting the results of the elections that Republicans won, and not just after President Trump won but also after Bush and Reagan won the Presidency.

So you see, what we really have here is a rogue Attorney General US, Merrick Garland, a questionable and morally bankrupt and shady prosecutor, Jack Smith, (who has a particular fondness for violating and manipulating the Constitution, laws, and evidence) and a corrupt Department of Justice who are quite literally saying that if they don’t like your questions or objections to election results, then they are going to criminally prosecute you, bankrupt you, and throw you in jail, to hell with The United States Constitution, the Supreme Law of The Land, your Rights, our Republic, and the “Electoral Count Act.”

Linda Genzel Editor WECU News


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The 1800, 1824 and 1876 elections were much worse and handled better by House Contingent Election process after objections process.

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