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Lee Zeldin Attacker Released Immediately

Released from jail within hours of a felony arrest, David Jakubonis the man who attacked Lee Zeldin at a campaign event is a free man.

David Jakubonis, 43, of Fairport, confronted the Zeldin, who was giving a speech on bail reform, in Perinton, New York, a small town outside Rochester, as part of his 'United to Fire Hochul' campaign.

While NY Governor, Kathy Hochul condemned the violent attack on Zeldin, Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy of her statement.

According to Summit News, "New York Gov. Kathy Hochu encouraged her supporters to confront Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin on his “far-right agenda” hours before a man wielding a knife tried to attack Zeldin at a campaign stop in Fairport, New York."

Breitbart reported that "Arthur Schwartz and New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy pointed out, Hochul’s campaign sent out a press release just hours before the failed attack on Zeldin that blasted out the time and location of several of Zeldin campaign’s upcoming stops.

Hochul claimed that Zeldin and his team would spread “dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda at these campaign events.”

“‘Big Lie’ Lee and his entourage of extremists kick off the statewide ‘MAGA Republican’ Bus Tour, which will make stops across the state peddling dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda,” Hochul’s release."

New York has some lax laws on criminal conduct, and Zeldin predicted the attacker would be released within hours.

This attack on Zeldin and the quick release of the attacker prompted Christopher G. Adamo, Author of Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture to reply, "And _this_ is why our side had better figure out that we cannot expect the thoroughly corrupted "system" to fix itself. This is a full-scale war on us. NY "legal system" is every bit culpable as was the attacker."