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Michigan has a New Contender for the House

The great state of Michigan has a new contender running for House of Representatives.

Charles Langworthy, A strong Christian man with conservative values to challenge the incumbent Andrew Saul Levin for district 9.

Langworthy is a Navy Veteran, and he describes himself as a family man, a father, fisherman, and a great cook, but most importantly a proud American. A rebel by nature, he is taking his rebellious skills and using them to defend freedom and justice. "I will use that fire inside me to fight against corruption and restore Our Great Republic back into the hands of the American people." 

Issues most important to Mr. Langworthy are those of the corruption facing DC. And the lobbyists that are running the show for their own personal profit, that does not benefit American citizens. Corruption in the form of the non-response from the Obama Administration with respect to the loss of our Ambassador in Benghazi, the gun-running in the "fast and furious" scandal, the discontinuation of Project Cassandra, the abuse of the FISA courts, and the most important is the attempted overthrow of a duly elected president.

On the issue of the economy, Langworthy believes that the government should institute policies that benefit the average American, not large corporate interests. He believes that if the government would set an example and stop squandering money and balance the budget, the average American would follow suit and quickly get themselves out of debt. "Sound economic policies by our government will lead by example to show the people being in debt is detrimental to our families and our country."

Healthcare is another issue Mr. Langworthy has strong feelings on. He believes that the entire healthcare system needs an overhaul. That it should be treated more like a non-profit as opposed to the behemoth it currently is functioning as. He believes the government should get their hands out of the healthcare industry because it is currently being run by lobbyists who lobby for more profits for 3rd party payers and the pharmaceutical industry. The larger the government involvement the larger the chance for corruption.

He is a strong supporter of a border wall believing that people who want to immigrate to the United States should have the right to but to do it using legal methods. He believes that "America is our home and we should treat our country the way we treat our homes and make it safe and secure for our families."

Langworthy is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment right, and that the "Right to bear Arms" is not up for interpretation.

Langworthy believes that America should adopt a foreign policy that avoids being involved in the internal struggles of other nations. "No clandestine operations for regime changes. No more getting involved to benefit international corporation's profits. AMERICA FIRST!!"

Langworthy has some interesting issues he is passionate about as compared to the incumbent currently holding the House in district 9. Andrew Saul Levin inherited his position from his father who held it previously. Incidentally, Levin is also the nephew of senator Carl Levin.

With all the elected nepotism in Washington DC is it not time to eliminate the lifetime political efforts of the elite who currently run the government. Time to give a newcomer a chance to shine. For more information on Charles Langworthy, and to donate or volunteer time, to help Michigan regain her conservative values, click the link below.

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