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Overwhelming testimonies of Fraud have Michigan officials Concerned

Michigan Senate oversight committee met today to discuss concerns regarding voting irregularities that caused them to be concerned during the 2020 election. Several Republican poll challengers voiced their concern over alleged fraud coupled with harassment and intimidation of their poll challenges.

Every member who testified at the hearing today claimed they were "harassed" and intimidated by the poll workers. Several claimed they were forcefully removed from the viewing room and unable to perform their job.

The testimony of witnesses was approximately 7 hours and key speakers included Patrick Colbeck, former candidate for governor in Michigan, author, and aerospace engineer. He testified that the chain of custody was one reason the election in Michigan was fraudulently conducted.

Colbeck demonstrated that there was fractional voting data. This is troubling in that it appears that individual votes were fractionated. Meaning the one person one vote was not followed. Another troubling incident that Colbeck discussed was that there was most definitely an outside internet connection to the polling place. This connection was via AV-connect. (Absentee voter -connect) Below is the network topology presented.

There were also accusations of one area of Detroit had 172,330 votes where there were zero registered voters. Implying that Detroit was disorganized and was unable to balance their ballots.

One witness Melissa Carone said she had been hired by PDS staffing to assist IT with the Dominion software. During her testimony, she claimed to have witnessed ballots being rescanned 8-10 times. She discussed her training in both adjudication and tabulating machines. Also, she discussed that several of the poll workers had no training and that there ware tabulation machines in the Department of Elections, which is illegal.

She went on to claim that during her 27 hours of working she did not see a single ballot for Donald Trump which is a statistical impossibility. She also testified about boxes of ballots being delivered between 3:00 and 4:00 am. She contacted the FBI with regards to the irregularities, and claimed that "everything that happened at the TCF center was fraud". Michigan Senators agreed that her testimony was compelling.

Dr. Linda Tarver, Civil Rights attorney testified to what she witnessed while working as a representative of the Republican party as a poll challenger. Claiming ballot harvesting has been going on in Detroit for decades, and it is a "misdemeanor to give your ballot to anyone not allowed by law to receive it and it is a felony to take that ballot".

Tarver made a compelling case that Michigan law states that ballot challengers "shall" be protected and that the harassment of ballot challengers was a misdemeanor. She challenged the Senate to a complete audit of ballots, not a recount because 71% of Detroit votes could not be recounted because they could be potentially fraudulent.

Despite the mass media industrial complex and social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have insisted that "voter fraud" does not exist, WECU will continue to investigate claims of fraud.

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