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President Biden is Working Hard - To Squash Free Speech

Anyone following Social Media would know that the Biden Administration has been working behind the scenes to squash free speech. Matt Taibbi exposed how Twitter was used to silence and delete information that went contrary to the opinion of the Democrat party. So egregious in their actions, "Twitter’s contact with the FBI was “constant and pervasive,” as FBI personnel, mainly in the San Francisco field office, regularly sent lists of “reports” to Twitter, often about Americans with low follower counts making joke tweets. Tweeters on both the left and the right were affected."

The Biden administration went so far as to appoint a disinformation governance board, and at the head of the board, Nina Jankowicz a disinformation expert with experience working on Ukraine and Russia issues to head the position. The Disinformation governance board only lasted a few weeks due to the uproar of the American public, however, despite the uproar, the Biden Administration is working even harder to squash the opinions of millions of Americans who disagree with how this administration is run.

Johnathon Turley in an article titled, "Combating “Skepticism”: Federal Grant Funds New Effort to Combat “Misinformation” exposes the Biden Administrations' latest attempt to kill free speech, using the same methods he has in the past, and by adding a few more.

Efforts as Turley points out include using dozens of FBI and other agencies to bar or suspend accounts grants to academic and third-party organizers to put pressure on conservative news site advertisers to pull their funding. As if the pressure isn't bad enough, this First Amendment-opposed administration has developed a grant program thru the National Science Foundation giving "millions to professors to develop a misinformation fact-checking tool called “Course Correct.” The tool will help fight “skepticism” and reinforce “trust” in what the government and the programmers define as true or reliable viewpoints."

Course Correct will allow media and government officials to target what they believe is misinformation regarding, US elections, and Covid Vaccine hesitancy.

Censorship is being embraced, claiming that even if truthful information is being published. Stanford's Cyber Policy Center launched the Virality Project which seeks to censor even factual information. This was discovered in Taibbi's Twitter files release.

While the Biden administration is working overtime to keep people in line, and censor any opposing opinions, there is hope. The state of Louisiana and Missouri filed a lawsuit asking the "Court To Block Biden From Violating Americans’ 1st Amendment Rights, Citing 1,400 Facts"

Attorneys General Bailey and Landry establish unconscionable federal censorship activities – including, but not limited to:
Fauci’s involvement in laundering lies into medical journals in an attempt to bury the lab-leak theory (to save himself from embarrassment given that he had been involved in gain-of-function research on coronaviruses).
White House officials like Rob Flaherty, Andrew Slavitt, and Jennifer Psaki have engaged in a relentless pressure campaign, both in public and in private, to coerce platforms into censoring disfavored viewpoints on social media.
Surgeon General Murthy and his staff coordinate closely with the White House in this pressure campaign, causing social-media platforms to scramble and assure federal officials that “we hear your call to do more” to censor disfavored viewpoints.
The CDC flags specific social-media posts for censorship, organizes “BOLO” (“Be On the Lookout”) meetings to tell platforms what should be censored, and serves as the definitive fact-checker with final authority to dictate exactly what speech will be removed from social media.
Dr. Fauci orchestrated an elaborate campaign of trickery and deception to induce social-media platforms to censor the lab-leak theory and other viewpoints he disfavors.
The FBI, likewise, deliberately planted false information about “hack-and-leak” operations to deceive social-media platforms into censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.
The FBI, CISA, and the GEC collude with social-media platforms in hundreds of meetings about misinformation, and those agencies repeatedly flag huge quantities of First Amendment-protected speech to compliant platforms for censorship.
CISA “switchboards” reports of so-called “misinformation” from state and local governments to platforms for censorship.
CISA and the GEC are pervasively intertwined with massive government-private censorship enterprises like the Election Integrity Partnership, a collaboration among government, social-media platforms, and activist nonprofits to monitor, track, and censor enormous volumes of Americans’ speech on social media.
Federal health officials in the Surgeon General’s Office, the CDC, and HHS collaborate in a similar censorship enterprise called the Virality Project, which procures the censorship of enormous quantities of First Amendment-protected speech.

WECU want the facts about how this Administration is working overtime to kill the constitution of the United States. If you have an opinion please let us know. If you like our article please give us a heart and consider sharing. Sharing our articles helps our algorithms so we may continue to be the unheard voice in America. Also, please consider donating to our site so we may continue to bring you relevant articles and opinions. Your donations help us from running pesky ads that interrupt your reading experience.

Join us on Twitter @NewsWecu tonight where we discuss the Biden administration's attempts to squash free speech. God Bless and Let's work together to keep free speech.

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