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Propping Up Hamas: The Chasm Of Terrorism, Progressivism & The End Of Morality & Death Of The West.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, the world watched on in horror as entire Israeli families were wiped out. Over 1,400 men, women, children, babies, and the elderly bludgeoned to death, slaughtered on the streets, in their backyards, and in their homes; yanked and dragged from their beds, beaten, burned, raped, beheaded, mutilated, and tortured in any and all godforsaken irreverent, perverse, and depraved unconscionable ways imaginable and unimaginable to mankind at the hands of Palestinian Hamas terrorists, working alongside the Palestine Islamic Jihad, in an especially heinous and diabolical unprovoked terrorist attack against the Jewish people due to and for no other reason other than a deep seething incandescent hatred for Jews that has evolved over quite possibly a millennium of scriptural and theological anti-Semitic Islamic teachings.

Without question, these gruesome Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians and, more specifically, against the Jewish people at large will go down in history as a veritable bloodbath for the ages, a mass public execution that will forever leave an indelible sullied stain of barbaric butchery on the conscience of humanity, and not as “Allah” willed it but as sin marred it, and it should serve as:

1- A stark, unnerving, and terrifying reminder and warning that the evil which is antisemitism and Neo-Nazism is very much still alive and thriving in the United States and Europe in the 21st Century, almost eighty years after Adolph Hitler gassed over six million European Jews in the Holocaust for the non-crime of being Jewish.


2- Poignantly unveiling, and laying bare some truly egregious, naked truths and wicked verities about not only the entirety of the Democrat Party, and the plurality of its constituency, but also about its substantially large cohort of likeminded peers and colleagues in the mainstream establishment media and in our learning institutions, as unscrupulous journalists, liberal educators, and Orwellian professors in college classrooms, public schools, and on campuses across the country collectively inspire homegrown movements of radical Islamic terrorist sympathizers and anti-Semites by poisoning the well of academia as they endeavor to rewrite history, propagandize, censor, manipulate, indoctrinate, and replace the premise and principles of free and independent thought, speech, and expression with cultural Marxism in all matters, manners, and means possible; whether intellectual, sociopolitical, moral, and/or religious, as this sickeningly sinister and infectious scourge of left-wing hatred and antisemitism consumes the Democrat Party and its electorate. Indeed, festering like a malignant cancer, oozing onto our streets and into our communities, homes, and the minds of the unwitting, the oblivious, the ignorant, the stupid, the downright evil, and worst of all, the innocent, our unsuspecting youth, and at an alarming rate, like a raging virulent plague rapidly growing and spreading throughout not only left-wing America but also throughout its morally bankrupt and ideological equivalent counterpart in right-wing Europe!

Against the sacrilegious backdrop of left-wing bigotry, obsequious Marxism, and Judea intolerance, rampant overt hypocrisy abounds within the hearts and minds of the Democrat left… their duplicity is staggering, to say the very least, but not at all surprising, encouraging, amplifying, and lauding objectionable and vulgar references to Jews as they, in all their righteous sanctimony and holier than thou virtuous piety, as ignorant, hollow, and futile as they are, in all truth, preach and cite “racism" as thee most important and overriding issue within and amongst the Democrat Party’s rank, file, and base which, of course, in all their splendid hypocrisy, dovetails in nicely with, you know, their ever-growing anti-Semitic sentiment… Can anyone say oxymoronic irony ten times fast? —Indeed, infinitely preaching about the importance of tolerance, inclusion, and equality from one side of their loudmouths while, at the same time, openly cheering on the slaughter of innocent Jews from the other side of their loathsome traps, gleefully celebrating the senseless torture, murder, and beheading of babies, children, and the elderly as they parade about waving the Palestinian flag, pandering to, and propping up Hamas and other designated terrorist factions of Radical Islam, and in so doing, providing Islamic extremists with a large platform, a bully pulpit, and a bullhorn from which to coercively sound off, preach, and propagate their hatred and contrived fallacies in the name of their so-called prophet, Allah, and against the Israeli people and the Jewish community at large in order to procure global sympathy despite the absolute unvarnished objective truth that these very same Hamas terrorists would not hesitate for even half a millisecond to see each and every one of them hung, drawn, quartered, beheaded, spiked, impaled, caged, drowned, or boned before breakfast if they were to so much as dare to grace their shores or look in their direction!

The October 17th explosion of a parking lot that sat alongside the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza is a prime example of left-wing anti-Semitic propaganda, whereby significantly large swats or elements of the Establishment Main Stream Media and the Democrat Progressive Party, on behalf of Hamas, continued to propagate the lie that Israel bombed a hospital, falsely claiming that the IDF killed almost 500 Palestinian children, when they knew then, or at least within the first few hours of the blast, as they know now, that Israel did not bomb the Al-Ahli Arab hospital, and nor did they kill hundreds of patients either, pediatric or otherwise, but rather, as shown and unequivocally corroborated via satellite footage, other video surveillance, and intercepted communications between Hamas extremists, that it was, in fact, a Palestinian rocket that misfired from within the terrorist's enclave and safe haven that is Gaza… a rocket that, by the way, was aimed directly at Israel, then activated and launched by the PIJ on behalf of Hamas with the specific, sole intent and purpose of killing innocent Israeli civilians, but let’s not harp on about that little tidbit of inconvenient truth or dose of reality as it were; we wouldn’t want people to get the right idea and think that these radical Islamic demonic savages were bad people harboring ill intent and a deep dark death wish against all Jews, not to mention, Christians and gays for that matter, in fact, any and all Westerners who don’t practice Islam.

Ask yourself:

1- Why would Democrat Progressives and the majority of the Left-wing talking heads in the media run interference for a bunch of Radical Islamic murderers?

2- Why would Progressives prop up and promote these savages', their anti-Semitic smear campaigns, devious deeds, lies, and propaganda, and in so doing, malign and besmirch an entire minority group of innocent people, in this case, Jews, based on contrived fallacies explicitly engineered by these very same Radical Islamic murderers to villainize Jews and garner global sympathy for themselves?

3- Why, in the immediate aftermath of the Al-Ahli Arab hospital parking lot explosion, in the absence of inculpatory evidence, and knowing Hamas’s unrelenting propensity to use their own people as human shields, would the American-left take Hamas’s word for it and then, a short time later, when confronted and presented with incontrovertible exculpatory evidence, still continue to promote and propagate that same lie anyway? —No mea culpa, no apology; it’s almost as though they want the lie to be true.

4- Why is appeasing Radical Islamic terrorists more important to the Democrat Progressive Left than defending innocent Jews?

Indeed, such behavior appears to be at diametric odds with all the Democrat's unrelenting hooting, hollering, and hollowing about not only equality, inclusion, and tolerance, but then again, what isn’t? Everything the left scoffs on about seems to be contradictory and contrary to what they actually do. However, that said, what’s that other thing, you know, the word that the left is particularly partial to or fond of regurgitating Ad nauseam… Oh, that’s right, disinformation, or is it misinformation… you say potato; I say spud; same difference…

I thought a major priority for Democrats was, ostensibly, to combat disinformation! I thought they said we needed a disinformation board and, you know, a “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Ms. “Mary Poppins” disinformation czar. I thought they said strict media oversight and regulations were vitally important, in fact, essential in order to avert the flow of disinformation and, you know, dangerous, insensitive, politically incorrect mean words that might otherwise hurt some poor little wokster’s feelings. Yet, all we are getting from them in the wake of this horrific atrocity is a load of contrived mal-information, lies, and propaganda, and why? Well, simply put, the left has an Orwellian narrative to push, minds to manipulate, VOTES TO COURT, and a Marxist agenda to bring to fruition no matter the truth, no matter the immediate outcome, no matter the long-term consequences, and no matter the collateral damage and death toll from this ungodly Hamas terrorist attack on Israeli Jews. It doesn’t matter who the real victims are here; it doesn’t matter who gets maligned, marred, mutilated, and murdered, whether it’s women, whether it’s children, or whether it’s BABIES; none of it matters to the majority of the far-left Democrat Party; all that matters are the vote tallies, not people, not principles, but the VOTES needed to sure-up power!

Simply put, what we are seeing here is the American-left, in all their virtue-signaling glory and pandering power, tiptoeing around Palestinian Muslims, courting and counting votes regardless of principles, irrespective of the scourge of antisemitism, no matter the dire and grave consequences of Radical Islamic Terrorism.

When you think of the American-right in this country, Republicans, which comprises both Conservatives and Libertarians, you’ll often hear the politically inept, illiterate, or comatose equate it with Neo-Nazism, but it’s not, at least not in America, that is; however, it most definitely is in Europe. Indeed, America is upside down, or rather the opposite of Europe, with regard to how we map out, delineate, or program our ideological thermometer in terms of our sociopolitical beliefs and principles, in that hot is cold and cold is hot, if you will, because, you see, in America, the Nazis are, in actual fact, categorically on the left side of the political divide, and why? Well, because Nazis are socialists, and socialists, like Liberals and Progressives, are indeed a faction of the American Democrat Party, i.e., the American-left, which of course, is the absolute furthest point or distance from Constitutional Conservatism and the principles of the Republican Party which are deeply rooted and enshrined in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, in that Republicans wholeheartedly believe just as the Father of the Republican Party, the great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln did, that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” —Rights that are endowed on ALL, not just on Democrats and Muslims, but on everyone, including Christians and JEWS!

To be sure, if we were to scale or map out the American-right and the American-left correctly, the furthest-reaching point on the American-right for Republicans and Conservatives on the ideological spectrum would be, in fact, Anarcho-Capitalists, you know, Libertarians living incommunicado, disconnected, and as far away as humanly possible from the fixtures, fittings, and baggage of big government and regulated society, wanting absolutely zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing to do with life under government rule, political posturing, pandering, propagating, and the duplicitous chicanery of courting votes that is par for the course with the American-left, and who could honestly blame them.

And so you see, the American-left, you know, actual overtly avowed Socialists, or as they prefer to title themselves during election season, the Democrats, which, of course, includes Liberals and Progressives, as I mentioned earlier, they have to court votes, and why? Well, because they can’t run on policy or principles because, quite frankly, their policies suck and bring about nothing but poverty, crime, and abject misery, and as for their principles, well, they have none to speak of unless, of course, you’re talking about the tenets of communism, which are not congruent with, and, in fact, are utterly incompatible in every way to the founding principles of freedom and self-determination that are enshrined in the United States Constitution, the founding document for which Democrats utterly despise, and so the only way the left can actually win elections is, as I said, by courting votes, and how do they do that? Well, by pulling out and playing their nifty chic-a-delic deck of victimhood cards, placating, and pandering to minority groups, like, for example, Palestinian Muslims and, of course, anyone who is not white or a practicing Christian, and/or anyone with a grievance for that matter, whether real, imagined, or downright insane.

You see, according to the Democrat's Modus operandi, everyone is a victim on some level or another, unless, of course, you are a Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, or the stereotypical White, middle-aged practicing Christian male, often referred to as a privileged oppressor or a “white person who does not give money to the Democrat Party,” Indeed, any cut or notch away from that triggers or activates your victim scorecard and effectuates a points system and hence your victim value to the Democrat Party. Victims, of course, are separated into subgroups and defined by their skin color, religion, or sexual orientation rather than the content of their character. For example, if you are a white woman living in the suburbs, the first point added to your victim scorecard is that you’re a woman, or if you’re a black woman, or perhaps a black gay transgender woman, you not only get double victim points for being a black woman, but you also get double bonus victim points for being a black gay woman, and then triple bonus points for being transgender; whatever you are, Democrat’s assign you a victim score, a value that is conscriptable to them. The more points you have, the more they will appease, promise, and pander to you in order to court your vote… promising you a utopia of rainbows, lollipops, and butterflies where everyone is happy and evil doesn’t exist. The problem with that is life is not a Mary Poppins fairytale, and evil does exist; in fact, it is alive and thriving in Gaza.

And so you see, after decades of boundlessly courting both the Jewish vote and the Muslim vote conditioned on and centered around fallacies and assigned victim scores and not on actual core principles, values, and virtues, the aggrieved factions within the Democrat Party and amongst their electorate have now come to blows, clashed, and bifurcated into a chasm of hatred, bloodshed, murder, and terror. It has created a split, a rift in the Democrat Party, one of their own making and one that will likely have a deleterious generational effect on the future of the Democrat Party, and we are watching it splinter and crack before our very eyes as Israel goes to war to defend its people and borders, while left-wing politicians like, for example, Rashida Tlaib and AOC, and their certifiable constituency, in conjunction with the left-wing state-run media take to the airwaves and the streets to spew their anti-Semitic tropes and to defend Hamas, a literal designated Radical Islamic Palestinian Terrorist organization, that, by the way, were elected and placed in their seats of power by the Palestinian people living in Gaza. Indeed, anyone with a shred of moral decency in their hearts and who hasn’t got their heads stuck in the sand can see that the West is self-destructing in the name of left-wing hug-a-terrorist multiculturalism, which, no surprise, has failed miserably and is leading to a conservative political onslaught and not just in America and in Europe, but in time for the 2024 General Election too; it’s a logical response. The West is under assault from Radical Islamic Terrorist Organizations. These savages don’t just hate Jews, no no, no, they also loathe the United States, the West in general, Whites, Gays, and Christians too; in fact, to radical Islam, it’s all synonymous… if you’re not Muslim, you’re an infidel, and therefore subject to extermination!

None of this was happening under President Trump, and when I say none of this, I mean absolutely everything… our borders were protected, our enemies were on the run, Putin and Xi were behaving, Iran was broke, ISIS was annihilated, peace deals were being brokered and forged in the Middle East, and the world was safe, secure, and prosperous with the Peoples President, Donald J. Trump at the helm!

The world is on fire; we are on the precipice of WWIII; let's hope and pray we make it to 2024 before it’s too late…

Linda Genzel Editor @Wecu News


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