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Solarwinds Hack and the Haking of an Election

The following information is breaking and is extremely sensitive in nature. We are asking that the reader has an open mind with respect to the following information that was gleaned from several patriotic individuals on Twitter.

ZDNet reported that "Hackers believed to be operating on behalf of a foreign government have breached software provider SolarWinds and then deployed a malware-laced update for its Orion software to infect the networks of multiple US companies and government networks, US security firm FireEye said today."

Who was affected by the Solarwinds hack? According to SolarWinds, it has 300,000 customers worldwide, including all five branches of the U.S. military, the Pentagon, the State Department, NASA, the NSA, the Department of Justice, and the White House. It says the 10 leading U.S. telecommunications companies and top five U.S. accounting firms are also among customers.

Why is this troubling? It has been pointed out that the software used in many voting machines this past election dominion was directly related to Solarwinds.

CISA the government agency that claimed the elections were secure, "in response to a known compromise involving SolarWinds Orion products that are currently being exploited by malicious actors. This Emergency Directive calls on all federal civilian agencies to review their networks for indicators of compromise and disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion products immediately."

Kim Zetter on Twitter explains what the solar hack is about.

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