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The Derelict Democrat! (The Biden Classified Document Dilemma, corruption or stupidity?)

The man who vowed to restore dignity, morals, and ethics to government, as if that ever existed in an institution that is rife with power-driven narcissists and psychopaths, formally referred to as career politicians, is not only derelict in his duty but is now also feigning ignorance, yet again, or could it be, you know, “Plausible Deniability Defense?”

Democrats and the media have boxed themselves in on “Vice President” Biden's unauthorized and unlawful retention of Classified Presidential Documents after they overplayed their hand on the unprecedented and unjustified Merrick Garland Presidential Documents Raid on former President Trumps Mar-A-Lago home. For weeks and months, they pounded the pavement, screaming and screeching that the removal, possession, retention, and/or mishandling of presidential documents were all crimes worthy of the death penalty, regardless of the espionage act; well, when it came to Trump, that is. They wanted and still want him indicted, barred from ever holding future office, or better yet, as some left-wingers opined, expeditiously executed by firing squad for their now-debunked despicable fallacy that he sold nuclear secrets to our adversaries and, of course, for simply retaining some of his own Presidential Records, classified or not, like every other President, who has come and gone before him, has. They outright dismissed and refused to debate or discuss, let alone even acknowledge, the mere existence of “The Presidential Records Act,” - H.R.13500 - 95th Congress (1977-1978): Presidential Records Act | | Library of Congress - a legal statute that actually verifies that all former Presidents have a potentiary interest in documents produced and generated during their presidencies as is clearly evident by the words written in the last paragraph of the PR Act, “Makes the records of a former President available to such former President or the designated representative of such former President.”, and so, therefore, are lawfully permitted and entitled to take and retain their Presidential Records at the end of their tenure, classified or otherwise, and for so long as he or she may need or want, and Merrik Garland knew & knows this. So you see, Democrats and the legacy media, in their hasty short-sighted frenzy to ‘Get The Big Bad Orange Trump,’ have now found themselves in yet another awkward and embarrassing pickle, struggling in a hilarious egg-on-their-faces frantic effort to run cover for and sugarcoat away Biden’s bs lame lies for collecting and retaining Classified Documents that he, as Vice President, neither had the Constitutional, statutory authority to remove, possess, and/or retain, nor the power to declassify either. Still, regardless, the legacy media propagandist expects us to believe that ‘good ol’ innocent uncle Joe’ didn’t know he had Classified Documents tucked away in a Manila file folder marked “personal,” which was in a locked cupboard of his private office in a building that is funded by the Chinese, of all people, or should I say, America's adversaries, that Hunter Biden and The Big Guy also had a foreign influence peddling financial arrangement with! - Schweizer: Biden Family Received ‘Some $31 Million from Individuals Linked to ‘Highest Levels of Chinese Intelligence’

It’s truly incredible watching the legacy media go to extraordinary pains, bending over backward, and twisting themselves into a knot of moral relativism in a pathetic delirious effort to make the ludicrous case that it’s perfectly fine, no biggie that Biden, as Vice President, had possession of Classified Documents, but Trump, as President, that's cause for the death penalty; arguing that Trump's and Biden’s situations are entirely different, and yes, while they are different, they are not different in the way that the media would have everyone believe they are. The big demarcation point or dissimilarity that the legacy media conveniently leaves out of their ignorant ill-educated, or rather, ill-researched narrative is that President Trump had and still has a legitimate Constitutional, statutory protected right and claim to his Presidential Records as the former President Of The United States and so, therefore, making it literally impossible for him to obstruct justice in this case; however, Joe Biden, as Vice President, had and has no such claim to Obama's Presidential Records. It’s called the Presidential Records Act and not the Vice Presidential Records Act; 2nd in line is not 2nd in command. You see, unlike Biden, President Trump did not take or keep documents that he did not already have the statutory power to declassify, and nor did he keep them for six years either, for that matter. Joe Biden’s excuse that the classified documents were “inadvertently misplaced” is not just a pathetic fallacy; it’s a nefarious malevolent, sinister lie! Who in their right mind believes that multiple classified documents were inadvertently misplaced multiple times and at multiple locations? I don’t, and why? Well, think about it, Joe Biden has had decades of experience; in fact, he has had 50 years of experience on Capitol Hill dealing with classified material and documents, whereas Trump hasn’t; rather, he walked into office with absolutely no experience handling classified documents. So make no mistake, this was not an “inadvertent misplacement” of documents whereby, coincidentally enough, only classified documents found their way into Biden’s private office in the Penn/Biden center and also the garage and filing cabinet in his personal library/study of his Wilmington Delaware home, and G-d, or Merrick Garland, only knows where else, unless of course, a carrier pigeon dropped them off which is a totally plausible explanation, if you’re Joe Biden, the man who fought off Corn-Pop with a chain and terrorists after they brought down his helicopter on the side of a mountain in Afghanistan, or who was in imprisoned in South Africa trying to visit Nelson Mandela! All documents, not just classified documents under the Presidential Records Act related to a, or any, Vice President(s) official duties, have to go directly to the National Archives at the end of his or her term, and VP Biden and his staff knew this. What likely happened here is that Joe Biden selected and took specific classified documents that belonged to the Government, and he sent them to his private office at the Penn/Biden Center, his Delaware home, and/or possibly other locations, and who knows, maybe he used them for the ‘Big Guy & Son’ family foreign business ventures, although the media won’t admit that; they'll spin it with a predictable yet stunning lack of curiosity, fielding softball questions, never diving into hard-hitting ones; it’s the Biden Protection Program on high alert, don't you know.

Thankfully there are many of us inquiring minds in the media who are not afraid to demand answers to the questions that are staring everyone in the face here! Questions like:

1) Who requested the Classified Documents and who authorized and signed off on the release of those Documents that were sent or brought to and found in Biden's private office at the Penn/Biden Center and to his garage & personal library/study in his Wilmington, Delaware home?

2) When were the Classified Documents requested for each of the locations? Or were they even requested? Could Joe Biden have had a staffer or staffers snatch and stuff the classified documents down their pants when he left office on January 20th, 2017, or at some other point in time during the last six years since he left The Office Of The Vice Presidency; it’s not as though it hasn’t happened before. President Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, affectionately known as “Samuel “Sandy” Burgler,” stuffed Classified Documents down his pants and socks and walked out of the National Archives, and hid Classified Documents under a trailer, etc.! Berger Hid Archives Papers Under a Trailer, Probe Shows - The Washington Post

3) If the Classified documents were not surreptitiously taken, why then were they requested and in then Vice President Biden’s unauthorized possession at his home and his private office at the Penn/Biden Center? The Classified Documents included information about Iran, Uk, and also Ukraine; did any of this classified intelligence pertain to Hunter Biden’s foreign influence peddling financial deals with the Ukrainian oil company, Burisma, or with Joe Biden’s threat to pull $6 Billion in aid from Ukraine if the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired? Breitbart - Jim Jordan Posts Hunter Biden-Burisma Story on His Website

4) Where were the Penn/Biden batch of classified documents stored and in whose possession between January 20th, 2017, and February 8th, 2018, when the Penn/Biden Center opened a year after Vice President Biden left office? Were they stored at the National Archives, and if not, where and why not, or if so, who requested and/or authorized their release from the Archives?

5) Where were the Wilmington, Delaware batch of classified documents stored if they were not brought directly to Biden’s home on January 20th, 2017? Were they kept at the National Archives, and if not, where and why not, or, if so, who requested and/or authorized their release?

6) Who transported and did they have a courier card?

How and when were the Classified Documents transported to Biden’s home in Delaware and to his private working office at the Penn/Biden Center, and from where were they transported? Where is the chain of custody documents?

7) Did the GSA, the Government Agency responsible for handling, packing up, securing, and transporting all Presidential Records, including classified documents, at the end of each and every United States President's term, just as they not only did at the end of President Trump's term, President Obama's & Vice President Biden’s term, President Bushes term, and President Clinton's term, admit to inadvertently transporting documents to both Biden’s Wilmington home and his Penn/Biden private office instead of the National Archives? They inadvertently sent 15 boxes of documents to Mar-A-Lago instead of the Archives, another little inconvenient truth that Merrik Garland and the media refuse to address! Sources: GSA Packed Boxes of Documents Trump Brought to Mar-a-Lago

8) Who marked the Penn/Biden batch or manila file of Classified Documents ‘PERSONAL,’ and to whom were the file of Classified Documents marked personal to? — Who was the named recipient?

9) Clearly, someone put the Classified Documents into the cupboard in Biden’s private office at the Penn/Biden Center and also in the garage & the filing cabinet in Biden’s Wilmington home library/study; who was that person or persons?

Who had access to the Penn/Biden office between February 8th, 2018, and November 2nd, 2022, when the Classified Documents were discovered?

Who had access to the filing cabinet in Biden’s home library/study and to the file boxes in his garage besides Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, between January 20th, 2017, and December 20th, 2022, when then documents were discovered at his Wilmington residence?

In the six years that Biden had these documents, did he not once look through his filing cabinet or peep inside the file boxes in his garage located behind his prized corvette?

Did Hunter Biden, James Biden, Ashley Biden, Biden’s sister, his grown grandchildren, maybe Naomi Biden (who, it seems we are now recently learning, was recruited by the Chinese through a U-Penn professor) have access to the Classified Documents, and did they have top secret security clearance as is required by law to access and view such documents?

Did Biden’s housekeepers, office keepers, private residential staffers, and maintenance & groundskeepers have easy, open, and unmonitored access to the filing cabinet in Biden’s library/study, and/or the garage where classified documents were discovered in his home, and/or to his private office at the Penn/Biden Center?

Could or did anyone who passed in and out of the Wilmington residence over the last six years or through the Penn/Biden office gain access to any of the Classified Documents and take screenshots of the Classified Documents for the purpose of selling National Security Secrets to the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Ukrainian Oligarchs or any other number of American adversaries?

Is there a comprehensive visitor log and/or CCTV surveillance footage of both properties for six years? If so, every person who entered and exited the properties over the last six years should be subject to a background check!

10) Besides China, who and what other foreign and domestic nationals, entities, pacs, and/or corporations were donors to the Penn/Biden Center, where the Classified Documents were stored in a manila file marked personal? — We would like a complete list! $54M in Chinese gifts donated to UPenn, home of Biden Center

11) Last but not least, Biden's unauthorized retention of classified documents was discovered and reported to Attorney General Merrick Garland on November 2nd, 2022, a week before the Midterm Elections; however, Garland decided to withhold that information from the public for two months despite knowing about it before the November Elections, why? I guess he didn’t want to influence voters with too much information.

While knowing that Biden was in unauthorized possession of classified documents, Merrik Garland stood at a podium on November 18th, 2022, to give a live televised address on the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump's lawfully authorized retention of his presidential documents in accordance with the Presidential Records Act, a statute that only extends to former Presidents, and not to former Vice Presidents; why, in that November televised briefing, didn’t Garland appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Biden also?

Why such egregious double standards?

Was Merrick Garland hoping that it would never come to light?

Inquiring minds would like to know! The American People deserve answers to these questions!

~Linda Genzel.

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