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The FBI lied to Congress

Wecu News has discovered that FBI agent Peter Strzok lied to Congress about an investigation into the president of the United States. The FBI repeatedly lied regarding an investigation into Trump as far as Russia was concerned. Newly discovered declassified information discovered that the FBI had an open investigation into Trump's Russian connections. From the text message Strzok messaged Lisa Page, "our open CI Investigations relating to Trump's Russian connections."

After testifying several times the FBI claimed there was no investigation into Trump prior to July 31 when Crossfire Hurricane was opened.

The memo sent to Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, and John Ratcliff shows the text message that was time stamped 7/28/2016 has Peter Strzok asking about the open counter-intelligence investigation. However members of the FBI testified that there was no investigation prior to Trump before Crossfire Hurricane was opened. His testimony puts him in possible contempt of congress.

Jay Sekulow from American Center for Law and Justice stated, "the FBI was caught with misstatements about the investigation, how it started. The fact of the matter is, and we have to be clear on this, they set this up. They put this in motion, they being the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the end result of that was, in my view, a complete fabrication to the American people of a three-year investigation that garnered nothing, and it was a hoax from the beginning. They all knew it. It was to take out President Trump. Now they weren’t successful during the election, the 2016 campaign. This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They were up to no good early on."

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