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"Exposed: Shocking Truth Revealed - Government and Media Collude in Massive Web of Lies!"

Envision stepping into an eagerly awaited event, pulsating with the energy of thousands. Familiar faces blend with nameless strangers, creating a tapestry of anticipation. You arrive ahead of time, fortunate enough to address a gathering united by a shared belief. A magnificent day unfolds before you, brimming with endless possibilities.

You and your speaker stand at the forefront, determined to secure a prime vantage point, ensuring your words reach the maximum audience. However, in an unexpected twist, what began as a day of boundless promise spirals into an unrelenting three-year ordeal. The subsequent chain of events defies all comprehension, unleashing a nightmarish cascade that engulfs the lives of countless Americans who merely sought to amplify their voices.

We are going to show you two videos and in our follow-up articles, we will describe the timeline of events that have empowered fascist district attorneys in the DC area to lie, cheat and steal the lives of innocent American citizens caught up in these events. All in the name of protecting Democracy.

The next video, taken from behind John Strand and Dr. Simone Gold, a doctor for America's Frontline Doctors provides proof that the district attorney is fabricating a lie about Mr. Strand.

Not every case is as straightforward as Mr. Strand's. However, John is facing more time in jail on felony charges. Charges that were originally pleaded down to a 30-day misdemeanor, which John refused to take. In his own words,

"I’ve had enough of the injustice and outright evil being perpetrated on the American citizen. I will not bend the knee to tyranny, I will not subjugate myself with a fraudulently mandated face hijab or a poisonous clot shot, and I will not bear false witness by confessing to crimes I did not commit.I will not remain conveniently quiet as a marxist mob screams lies about an “insurrection!” that was, in truth, a federal entrapment tool—a deception exploited to cover up fraud and protect a corrupt political uniparty. That deception is destroying many innocent lives."
"I will not apologize for exercising my inalienable human rights, nor for defending those rights for my countrymen, and all innocent human life, regardless of political, social, or any other status."

Despite the lack of evidence that Mr. Strand was a violent agitator, who pushed and shoved people, the government has continued to fabricate evidence contrary. The biggest question is will he receive a fair jury trial? It is doubtful given the venue where that trial will be held.

The urgency to share these accounts endures, even in the face of conflicting media narratives. In the aftermath of January 6, where a significant number of individuals remain imprisoned, a disconcerting truth comes to light. Among those incarcerated, there exists a group ensnared by overzealous prosecutors, hell-bent on ensuring the continued detention of innocent protestors. These prosecutors employ coercive tactics, compelling individuals to plead guilty to concocted charges under the false pretense of reduced sentencing.

Should you find yourself moved by the plight of John Strand, who courageously stands for truth, I encourage you to visit his website and offer support for his legal defense. John has endured substantial losses while steadfastly defending himself against a government that distorts his intentions. The media, regrettably, fails to convey an accurate account of the events that unfolded on January 6.

Please share this article. Normally we ask for a small donation to keep our struggling website alive, however in this case, if you have a small discretionary dollar or two, please contribute to John to help him defend himself. Not just against the overreach of the government, but the media which continues to perpetuate the lies.

God Bless you, and please stay tuned as we will unload a series of events that turned the peaceful protest at the capital into what the media claims was a violent insurrection. Again, the media has been incorrect on so many issues, that it is time they are exposed. God Bless.

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