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Tiniest Baby Boy Born Goes Home

Tiny baby born in Tokyo

While Democrats in congress voted not to save the lives of babies being born as a result of a botched abortion a tiny baby weighing less that 10 ounces was born in Japan and released from the hospital at 7 lbs.  An nonviable life it would have been referred to here in the United States according to Governor Ralph Northam.  The infant would have been made comfortable and the parents and doctor could decide the fate of the nonviable pregnancy.


This tiny baby is the smallest baby boy to survive.  At just 24 weeks into the pregnancy, the baby was not gaining weight in the womb, and doctors were worried about the baby surviving.  Performing an emergency C-section, doctors removed the tiny baby placed him on a respirator and umbilical catheter, and after spending five months in the neo-natal ICU, he was released from the hospital at 7.1 lbs and is a healthy infant.  

According to, "the baby boy’s treating physician, Doctor Takeshi Arimitsu, said he wanted to tell people that “there is a possibility that babies will be able to leave the hospital in good health even though they are born small”. 

Dr. Takeshi's, comment shames the democrat party in Washington who recently made legislation that would make abortion legal up to the moment of birth.  These tiny babies can survive outside of the womb.  Especially in light of the democrats refusing to sign senate bill S130.  The bill protecting babies born alive from a botched abortion.  

Survival statistics for pre-term babies are as follows:

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