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Twitter is Going to Help the Mid-Term Elections - This is HUGE!

Twitter, the purveyor of all Truth and Integrity all over the world is taking to help in the mid-term elections. Taken from their blog, "Twitter is the place to find real-time, reliable information about the 2022 midterms – whether you’re looking for breaking news from reporters, information on voting, or policy positions from candidates. We aim to enable healthy civic conversation on Twitter while ensuring people have the context they need to make informed decisions about the content they encounter."

They announced steps they are taking to ensure that people receive accurate information. Taken from their Civic Integration policy, "we may label and reduce the visibility of Tweets containing false or misleading information about civic processes in order to provide additional context."

"Given the significant risks of confusion about key election information, we may take these actions even if Tweets contain (or attempt to contain) satirical or humorous elements." Will they ban humor next?

They will also be censoring people who discuss long lines, or misleading information regarding any misleading claims about, equipment problems, or other disruptions at voting locations during election periods;

In addition, they will remove any claims such as unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results; and claims about the results or outcome of a civic process that calls for or could lead to interference with the implementation of the results of the process.

To be fair, Twitter has determined that there was no evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 election. This was Trending as this article was being written.

It is safe to say, based on the Twitter Policies, that if you disagree with any outcome of the election, have proof of malfeasance or illegal activities your Twitter will demand you remove your proof. After all, Twitter "works with government officials to provide you with information you need to know.

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