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White is the New Black?

Opinion piece  ~Lynn Matthews

Several states are allowing people to change their gender identity. In fact there are entire legal firms that are helping people to legally change the identity they were born under to a different one.  Moving away from the traditional ideology of boys born with a penis were classified as male, and girls born with a vagina, are classified as female.  The rules have changed.  

There are now gender rules.  Rules for being born a certain gender, and rules for identifying with a particular gender. Rules for being born a particular gender, but identifying as another.  According to Gender Spectrum, "Individuals do not choose their gender, nor can they be made to change it."

Applying that logic, one could make the assumption on the issue of heredity.  Since individuals do not choose their genetic make up, nor can they change it, perhaps the rules of heredity should apply.  One can not control the color of their skin, their facial features of square jaw, size of nose, nor can they control the texture of their hair.  Just as one can not control the internal organs or lack thereof they were born with.  

According to Cosmopolitan " Someone who is 'genderfluid' feels that their gender is fluid and can change and vary over time." Why has no one considered making race a fluid issue?  People can identify as one race at one time, and change their race varying over time.  

Applying these principles would certainly make the issue of cultural appropriations more acceptable.  As in the case of Rachel Dolezal, an American  civil rights activist known for claiming to be a black woman while being of European ancestry and having no known African ancestry. 

Even Elizabeth Warren, coined by President Trump as "Pocahontas" for claiming Indian American heritage would greatly benefit from a policy such as race-fluid.  Simply identifying as a particular race puts you into the category of that race.


Companies would no longer be required to participate in affirmative action hiring quotas from minority communities.  Instead, everyone could identify as a disenfranchised race making the disenfranchised race a majority.  Colleges required to have a quota of admitting minorities would no longer have to abide due to the fluidity of race.  They could concentrate their efforts on finding an academically qualified candidate instead of looking to serve some quota of a particular race. 

If people are legally able to identify as a different biological sex, because their biological sex is not under their control, why can they not identify as a different race or heritage, to similarly manipulate the system to their own benefit?

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