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American Color Revolution

Is there a Color Revolution happening in America? If you follow the legacy media, social media, or the White House you would be convinced that a color revolution is actively taking place. That is without the violence that occurs when a color revolution takes place.

Color revolutions are anti-regime protest movements designed to change the government. Since the later part of the 20th century, the United States has been responsible for several color revolutions across the world. From Central Asia to Ukraine, and in the middle east, the United States has inserted its "pro-democracy" agenda in an attempt to influence politics across the globe.

Left in their wake is neither peace nor democracy, but a system of chaos and destruction. So what happens when the same government decides to ultimately conduct a color revolution on its own people?

It was determined that there would ultimately be a color revolution or at least the techniques used in a color revolution would be employed on the American public with the election of Donald Trump. As his campaign platformed against regime change wars, and his demanding NATO "pay their fair share, Warhawks in the government were vehemently opposed to his policies.

The British House of Lords issued a dire forecast, saying that if Trump were re-elected to a second term, it could spell doom for the “special relationship”.

What has occurred to claim that a color revolution is happening in America now? With the help of the media, the 3-letter agencies conducted a full-out information war on the public.

With the help of David Brock of Media Matters, a man named Norm Eisen helped amplify a message that would ultimately bankrupt Trump and his supporters. He drafted 10 articles of impeachment for Democrats prior to Trump ever talking to Ukrainian president Zelenskyy. And yet, the media is following the playbook without asking pertinent questions or even doing cursory research on the color revolution playbook, because after all Media Matters.

Prior to Trump even being elected, the media was indignant calling him xenophobia, racist, and homophobic because of his stance on immigration, which now is at close to invasion levels at the southern border. During his inauguration, women's groups took to DC to protest wearing pink "pussy" knitted caps. Due in part to a discussion, he had with a "hot mic" that was released when he was describing how women would throw themselves at him because he had money. Again, the media ran that story so many times it created a frenzy of hate for the future president.

The media with the help of media matters, NPR, CBS, ABC NBC, and other related outlets took a phone call and an "anonymous" whistle-blower accusation of impropriety to drum up impeachment proceedings. The transcript of the phone call was nothing more than a congratulatory call to the incoming president of Ukraine and a minor comment regarding an organization named "crowd-strike" that claimed Russians hacked the secret server of his running mate Hillary Clinton.

Aside from the Trump color revolution, the White House is actively engaged in activities that would further advance a revolutionary stance. Examples of the war against parents who oppose what is being taught to their children, the DOJ is actively targeting them. One example is declaring a "climate emergency" when the country is in an active recession. The mass media claiming that the American public is more inclined to be worried about the climate than feeding their family.

According to Barry Clark, author of Color Revolutions Explained, "Funding and support for color revolution activities in foreign nations always involve non-attribution, much of the funding and support is distributed through third-party non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and is often coordinated through USAID (a component of the State Department that works closely with both the DoD and the CIA).

The United States is close to the final state of it's color revolution. See the chart below.

What the United States look like after the effects of the color revolution is anyone's guess. But it is easy based on full force of the government being used to control peoples opinions, and views, as well are the former Potus being under attack from the government, the landscape of political discourse will change. It is possible that due to the nature of how this administration handles its political opposition and their support from the legacy media, that the ability to speak, out against the government will be limited to very few individuals.

There are so many examples of the lies and deceit the media social media and the White House are telling, and all while Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hire former intelligence agencies to spy on social media and correct the record so the American public is unaware of what is actually happening.

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“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

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