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Free Speech may be Back - Missouri and Louisiana are Asking for Answers

Free speech may be back in style, as Attorney General Eric Schmitt, and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry are about to depose Dr. Anthony Fauci, former White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, and other Biden Administration officials relating to collusion with social media to suppress free speech.

In the Complaint and Amended Complaint, Plaintiffs allege Defendants have colluded with and/or coerced social media companies to suppress disfavored speakers, viewpoints, and content on social media platforms by labeling the content “dis-information,” “misinformation,” and “mal-information.”

According to court documents, examples of censoring free speech according to the First Amendment are to include:

1) The Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 Presidential election

2) Speech about the lab leak theory of COVID-19’s origin

3) Speech about the efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns

4) Speech about election integrity and the security of voting by mail

5) Censorship and suppression of speech by Plaintiffs Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration

6) Censorship and suppression of Jim Hoft, owner of The Gateway Pundit, on social media platforms

7) Censorship and suppression of Jill Hines, co-director of Health Freedom Louisiana and

Reopen Louisiana on social media platforms

Freedom of speech is so important to a free society, and no one entity should control the ability of Americans to speak their mind and heart, so we are praying that this deposition sheds light upon the scheme to censor the media, doctors, and American citizens.

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