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Shocking Corruption Exposed: Judge in Trump Trial Tied to Secret Payments from Congressman

Major Conflict of Interest in Trump Trial: Congressman Dan Goldman's Ties to Judge Merchan's Daughter Revealed

Recent revelations have uncovered a significant conflict of interest involving Democrat NY Congressman Dan Goldman and the ongoing Trump trial overseen by Judge Merchan. Laura Loomer's X account revealed that:

Michael Cohen's Preparation: Congressman Goldman, a client of Loren Merchan’s political consulting firm, Authentic Campaigns, admitted on MSNBC to preparing Michael Cohen, the prosecutors' star witness, for his testimony.

By his own admission, Cohen has lied in court, lied to the media, and pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. Now, he’s set to be state prosecutors’ key witness against Donald Trump.

Payments to Judge's Daughter: FEC records show that Congressman Goldman has sent over $162,091.92 to Loren Merchan’s personal home in Richmond, Virginia, listed as payments to “Authentic Campaign.” This deceptive alteration omits the "S" at the end of "Campaigns," obscuring the connection.

Conflict of Interest: Loren Merchan is the daughter of Judge Merchan, who is presiding over Trump's trial. The payments to her personal residence raise serious ethical concerns. According to NY law, the judge must be disqualified by reason of interest or consanguinity.

Political Influence: New York Congressional Democrats have been routing funds to Judge Merchan’s daughter, bypassing standard campaign payment procedures and misrepresenting records.

Call for Recusal: The intertwined relationships and financial transactions between Judge Merchan's family and Congressman Goldman, who has been directly involved in preparing key witnesses, call for Judge Merchan’s immediate recusal from the trial to maintain judicial integrity.

The evidence suggests a deep-seated conflict that could impact the trial's fairness and has led to calls for Judge Merchan's disbarment and Trump's acquittal.

Robert Gouveia esq. Criminal Defense attorney explains the conflict of interest regarding Cohen, Judge Merchan, and Michael Cohen.

We would like to thank Laura Loomer for her excellent skills in uncovering the corruption of the judicial process in the Trump trial. Her investigative efforts have brought to light the conflicts of interest and questionable financial transactions involving Congressman Dan Goldman, Judge Merchan, and his daughter Loren Merchan. This information is crucial for ensuring transparency and integrity in our legal system. Without diligent journalists like Laura, these unethical practices might have remained hidden. We urge the public to stay informed and demand accountability from those in power.

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