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The Truth About The Big Lie

Politico ran a headline that completely missed the mark on a Congressional hearing regarding Trump and his ability to respond to the virus Covid -19. The headline titled, "Trump White House exerted pressure on FDA for Covid-19 emergency use authorizations, House report finds."

While the House did hold a meeting to discuss Trump's response to the virus, titled, "A knife-fight with the FDA" The majority of their paper though not discussed in the Politico article is Trump's fight with the FDA getting Emergency Use Authorization for the use of HydroxyChloroquine.

The interesting part of the congressional record occurs on page 39. Where bold comments appear. "The Trump White House Attempted to Derail FDA’s Vaccine Guidance Ahead of the Presidential Election and Pressed Commissioner Hahn on Vaccine Authorization"

However, when we attempted to pull up the backlink on the verification of the committee's fact-finding, the Politico article could not be found, nor was the Reuters link. We followed the links directly from the committee's findings.

Nevertheless, Dr, Hand told the select Subcommittee that "President Trump expressed his desire for these to be approved quickly as possible to save lives."

Former President Trump indeed pressured these pharmaceutical companies to come up with a vaccine for Covid-19. He wanted to save lives. He did pressure the FDA to allow emergency use of Hydroxychloroquine because he knew that HCQ if given early, its antiviral qualities could slow down and stop the infection.

In the final statement, the House committee sums up the following: "If not meaningfully addressed, this hyper-politicization of public health—and reflexive embrace of anti-scientific dogma pushed by those who have trusted President Trump, his top advisers, and his most prominent supporters—will continue to constrain the country’s ability to overcome public health threats, especially from a novel highly infectious disease that requires a concerted, collective response."

Given the FDA's track record of fast-tracking drug approvals, and their failures, why is this a big deal now? Why is there such a push to prove Trump pressured the FDA into bringing a vaccine to market while every pharmaceutical company and government across the globe was racing for the winner's circle to be the first vaccine on the market?

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