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Treason Must Never Be Dismissed As "Old News"

~by Chris Adamo

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, Americans are reminded once again of the "absolute measure of devotion" given by so many, to protect our Nation from those mortal enemies who would breach our borders and brutally impose their hostile ways on us. We've faced many such enemies throughout the two and a half-centuries since we declared our thirteen original Colonies as "Free and Independent States," and proved that we would fight to preserve the American Ideal and protect our way of life. And we have prevailed.

Now we face an adversary that is every bit as pernicious and every bit as grave a threat to our continued existence as any in the history of our Nation. However, it does not yet wage its war against us with battleships and tanks, so too many Americans remain willfully oblivious to it. We do so to our peril and that of our children and grandchildren. The time to recognize it for the truly evil entity that it is, and to sufficiently confront it on that basis is limited. We must act if we are to survive.

This enemy lurks in our midst. It is known by various names, including the political "left" and "Globalists," and operates in the inner circles of both major political parties, though it is the Democrats who officially embrace it and openly advance its detestable, perverse agenda. But it is critically important that "We the People" identify every place where it operates, and root out the evil that it embodies. Doing anything less is tantamount to partially removing a malignant tumor. The consequences of such are fully predictable, and most often fatal to the host.

Many Conservatives are newly emboldened to hold up the recently released Durham report, as evidence of massive corruption and manipulation of the political process within the highest levels of the Federal Government. And while such an assessment is absolutely true, it still only scratches the surface of the disease that has spread throughout the top offices in the land. Yet to assume that the self-evident treachery of those in authority will somehow spur the corrupt system to "fix" itself is dangerously naive.

These crimes against America have been taking place for a long time. They have been in high gear since at least the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was in the White House. To date, no real effort has been made to identify the perpetrators and hold them accountable. More ominously, every public officeholder who claims to seek accountability, but actually lets matters drop after a few episodes of grandstanding, is fully complicit in the crimes that have taken place, and those that will ensue as a result of such willful inaction.

The "starting pistol" for all of the crimes referenced in the Durham report was actually fired in July of 2016, when FBI Director James Comey publicly declared that he had single-handedly acquitted Hillary Clinton of her flagrant criminal misuse of public information for the purpose of influence peddling. As Secretary of State, Clinton had obviously engaged in illicit activity, conducted on an unauthorized, insecure "private" computer server that was then thoroughly erased before any evidence of her crimes could be collected. Brazen though they may be, these acts were merely an uninterrupted continuation of her public office crime wave, going all the way back to her "cattle futures" money laundering operation of the 1990s.

So Comey's sweeping exoneration of her, based on his supposed belief in the innocence of her "intentions," represented a dark milestone in the demise of American law at the hands of the left. And to fully confirm that the "law" was no longer about justice, but had been recast as a weapon to be wielded by those in power over their opponents, Comey flatly stated on the same occasion that others who committed such crimes would indeed face prosecution.

The Durham report chronicled events from the time shortly afterward, when Democrats and the Deep State realized they might have to face a Presidency of Donald Trump, actually working on behalf of the American people to uphold the Constitution and the law. Reading as a litany of a Nation in moral and legal collapse, it sheds light on one targeted victim after another facing the wrath of the FBI and DOJ, as those organizations sought to cover their past criminality by systematically ensnaring and destroying the lives of potential witnesses. Among the highest-level casualties of this war on America were General Michael Flynn and, of course, President Trump himself. And it is at this point that the nature of the crimes surpasses mere "rampant corruption" and reaches the level of high treason.

When a corrupt politician abuses his position for personal gain, at the expense of proper operation of his office, he is indeed committing a crime against every lawful, honest citizen. But when political players misuse their authority to undercut the leader of the land, and prevent him from advancing a national course for which he was duly elected, those individuals have usurped and trampled the "consent of the governed" no less than an invading foreign army. This is how the individual pieces that were fully exposed in the Durham report (though fully known prior to it) come together. It was in this manner that the leftist "Deep State" literally waged war on the Nation.

America has reached a watershed moment and are at a dangerous precipice. Sadly, we find ourselves at this awful juncture specifically because our side has too often dropped the ball in the past. It is not nearly sufficient to simply point out that high crimes were committed, and then expect the thoroughly politicized and weaponized Department of "Justice" and its attack dog FBI to somehow correct their intentional acts of lawlessnes. Nor can we expect support from the public relations wing of the leftist/Democrat political machine, more commonly known as the Fake News media, to properly inform the American people of their uncertain future as a free Republic.

At so many previous junctures, including when Hillary engaged in her interminable stonewalling of supposed investigations, leftist media simply yawned the whole time as she flagrantly violated the law, and then declared it "old news" when the facts were finally revealed after all the fully intentioned delays. The effects of this "PR" scam on Conservatives/Patriots would not have been nearly so deflating, had we not naively expected those corrupt leftists to suddenly come clean.

The stakes are absolute and the proper course going forward is abundantly clear. We cannot "move past" the outrages committed by the Obama Administration, the Clintons, and their compromised infiltrators in high government office. Responding in such a manner cedes not only the Government, but the entire Country and its future, to them. We must hold the line, and make every future policy move contingent on rectifying the crimes that have been fully unmasked in all of their ugliness.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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