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A Curious Case Of The Jack-Ass Party & The Fictitious Fani.

Updated: Apr 26

On Tuesday, November 7th, 2000, Democrat Presidential Candidate Al Gore lost the General Election to Republican Presidential Candidate George W. Bush in what was a very close race.

Ultimately, at some point during the following hours, after the polls had closed and ballot counting was well underway, in fact, coming to a close, Gore reached out to Bush to concede the Presidential race and congratulate him on his victory. However, sometime later that night, Gore went on to resend his concession, and over the course of the four or so ensuing weeks, Gore’s coalition of big-wig Establishment Democrat attorneys, including Constitutional Scholar Alan Dershowitz, assembled a monumental plan of action using legal stunts, tricks, sleights, and maneuvers to contest, question, and object to the 2000 Presidential Election results.

Gore’s squad of D.C. attorneys issued a statement challenging, contesting, questioning, and objecting to the 2000 election results, arguing that: “The vote totals reported in the election canvassing commissions certification of November 26, 2000, are wrong. They include illegal votes and do not include legal votes that were improperly rejected. The number of such votes is more than sufficient to place in doubt, indeed to change, the results of the election.”

However, on December 12, 2000, the United States Supreme Court put an end to the contentious contested election standoff, ruling that George W. Bush had won the Presidential Election, defeating Al Gore, much to the Democrats' chagrin, protests, screaming and hollering that the 2000 election was rigged and stolen from him by George W. Bush.

Fast forward 23 years, several contested elections later, and as unequivocally stated numerous times by the ultimate authority on Constitutional Law, Alan Dershowitz, former President Donald Trump is now facing over 700 some-odd years in federal prison for the non-crime of exercising his Constitutional Right to do precisely the same thing that Democrat Presidential Candidate Al Gore did in 2000, and for what it’s worth, just as Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton did in 2016 when she contested, questioned, and objected to the results of her respective election loss when she falsely declared and still does to this very day that the 2016 election was rigged, fraudulent, and stolen from her by President Trump and the Russians, even though, it was she who, in fact, had colluded with a Russian.

In Hillary Clinton’s case, as opposed to President Trump’s unjustified political persecution, she actually violated FEC regulations, i.e., the law, when;

1) She cut a check for well over a million dollars, made payable to her attorneys at the Law Firm Perkins Coie, who then washed and funneled that money to a couple of actual “Foreign Agents,” Christopher Steele, a British spy, and Igor Danchenko, ironically, a Russian, who, in exchange for the handsome million-dollar payout, manufactured the now infamous, salacious, and utterly fictitious dossier at Clinton’s behest in a wicked assay to trash and tarnish Trump in order to prevent him from defeating and humiliating her by winning the Presidential Race.


2) When she concocted the malicious and utterly fantastical “Russian Collusion Hoax” (extrapolated from her fictional dossier) against President Trump in yet another malignant endeavor to have him expelled from office vis-a-vis a politically orchestrated coup d'état through an erroneously staged impeachment, which ostensively did not work out the way she and most all Democrats had envisioned it would, in fact, it boomeranged and led, at least in part, to the discovery of Joe Biden’s far-reaching foreign influence peddling schemes across the globe which have since been blown wide open by some very brave IRS Agents.

Indeed, fabricated hoaxes, the dirtiest of all political tricks, if ever there were any. Unthinkable schemes that shocked the conscience of the nation, egregious lies that caused violent riots and cost the American taxpayer almost $50 million in the phony Mueller probe.

And predictably so, when she was ultimately caught and outed by special prosecutor John Durham, all she got was a slap on the wrist and a fine, along with a friendly media who were only too happy to cover up her sleazy chicanery and who still to this very day, continue to propagate her lies.

So, I’m sure if you’re anything like me and actually believe in the rule of law, civil liberties, and the United States Constitution, all of this overt duplicity has left you scratching your head, wondering and speculating, comparatively speaking, you know, in the interest of “equal justice,” and all that is fair and good, what the hell is happening to our Justice System? Why or how it was or is even remotely possible that Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and other Democrat members of the “anti-abolitionist Southern Dixiecrat Northern Copperhead Democrat Party” of the KKK and Jim Crow are still traipsing around the streets of America after they so brazenly threatened and endangered our Constitutional Republic or as they inaccurately ordained it, a “Democracy,” (massive difference) by contesting, questioning, and objecting to the outcome of elections?

Why are they not locked up in the Washington DC gulags for life after their electioneering crimes?

If we are to give credence to, believe, and adhere to District Attorney Fani Willis’s delusional canons, then Gore, Clinton, Stacey Abrams, Jamie Raskin, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the entire rat pack that is the Democrat Party would be facing, at the very least, two dozen indictments each and, collectively, approximately 3,500 years in federal prison between the five of them for each and every election cycle that they had the shameless gall to contest, question, and object to. I mean, my God, it’s unthinkable that they didn’t just shut up and blindly trust an American Presidential Election, with, by the way, over 120 million votes, as being perfectly executed from top to bottom, just as they now claim the 2020 General Election, ostensibly, was… How dare they! -If I could roll my eyes any further, they'd get stuck in the back of my head.

The Bush v. Gore case made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court, which, again, held that Bush won the State of Florida and, hence, the 2000 Presidential Election. However, the sinister fallacies that Left-wing Despotic Democrat career politicians, bureaucrats, and constituents alike spewed, contending for the last 23 years that the 2000 General Election was rigged and stolen by the traitorous, evil, racist Republicans, you know, the Party of Abraham Lincoln who declared, fought, and won the civil war to protect and secure our civil rights against the authoritarian predilections of the Dixiecrat Democrat Party who sought power and subjugation, raging against Lincoln’s and the Republicans campaign to pass the Emancipation Proclamation and then later, the 19th Amendment, granting Women the Constitutional Right to vote…

You see, the certifiable fact of the matter is that, more often than not, and certainly more frequently than Republicans, it is and always has been Democrats who have questioned Election contests, integrity, and results, and to a very receptive and sympathetic media, even Fulton County DA Fani Willis, who indicted Trump for exercising his Constitutional Right to question the results and integrity of the 2020 General Elections, has herself publicly questioned the results of past elections… Oh, but I forgot, she is a Democrat; ergo, she is above the law, and therefore, the “Rules for thee, not for me” edict takes effect.

What’s more, during a 2008 Kent State Ohio Presidential Campaign Rally, the de facto god of the modern-day Democrat Party, Barack Hussein Obama, actually answered a question on election integrity and how to prevent Republicans from winning, or “rigging” as they called it, an election, by stating that “It helps that Democrats are in charge of the voting machines.” Going on to say, “Whenever people are in power, they have this tendency, you know, to tilt things in their direction.” Stating that historically, both sides have “monkeyed around with elections” to “tilt things in their direction.”

Ostensively, Obama was conceding that politicians are aptly willing to sacrifice and violate our Constitutional Principles to gain power, that insidious people with insidious motives who work on elections and at polling stations will do insidious things like throw out, tamper with, and manufacture ballots on behalf of the Democrat Party, to gain or retain power.

For example, investigative reporter Paul Sperry reported that a FOIA request revealed that Fulton County Election Officials in 2020 deputized hundreds of anti-Trump Democrats from the “ACLU,” gave them the power to process absentee ballot applications received through online portals, and then equipped ACLU poll workers with iPads to cancel absentee ballots without county supervision.

We used to be able to question the Government; it’s an absolute Constitutionally Protected First Amendment Right; as I explained in a January 1, 2023, WECU News Article titled, Cardin hasn’t got a Constitutional Clue, but somehow now, it seems, the baby is being thrown out with the bath water sort of speak because according to left-wing career politicians and their vicious rogue henchmen scattered throughout Democrat run State DA and A.G. offices across the country, we can’t, at least not without facing the threat of being bankrupted into poverty and/or a bazillion years in federal prison by our Government for the non-crime of using the good senses that God gave us to question everything, particularly politicians, and to think for ourselves.

This is precisely why President Trump is being politically persecuted and prosecuted by Democrats and Establishment Rinos and is currently looking at a whopping 741 years in federal prison after corrupt and politically motivated D.A.s, like, for example, Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg, the dubious and highly questionable Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, and the Deep State U.S. AG Merrick Garland, leveled bogus indictments, and twisted, stretched, and manipulated versions of the Constitution and statutory law against him.

Of course, all of this politically motivated tyrannical chicanery is being carried out on behalf of and at the behest of Joe Biden, President Trump’s 2024 Presidential opponent, for the non-crime of exercising his Constitutional Right to contest, question, and object to the 2020 General Election results that the vast majority of Americans now believe was, in fact, rigged, have justified serious suspicions about, and good cause to question, particularly after the FBI/Twitter collusion revelations and in light of state leaders, like, for example, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who subverted State Election laws and made a deal with Democrat Stacey Abrams right before the 2020 elections.

The truth is, the only motive that Joe Biden and Democrats would or could possibly have for criminalizing our Constitutionally Protected Right to petition our Government for a redress of grievances and to exercise our Right under the Electoral Count Act Of 1887 is if they had something to conceal in the first place and were, in fact, gainfully employed in nefarious criminal activities that they needed to keep under wraps, after all, if they had nothing to hide, why go to such extreme lengths to persecute Trump in an effort to prevent the public from seeing evidence of election fraud in an election that they ostensibly claim evidence was above board and uncorrupted from top to bottom. Why can’t we see it? Why did Democrats destroy J6 election evidence once President Trump and his attorneys acquired subpoena power? That is wholly suspicious to me and, I suspect, to most fair-minded Americans.

Even Time Magazine gleefully bragged about the massive Democrat Cabal that worked to subvert the will of the American people in 2020; they actually had the twisted temerity to say the quiet part out loud, “That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream, a well-funded cabal of powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage, and control the flow of information they were not rigging elections. They were fortifying it.”… they said….

Sure, they were fortifying it… and a couple of Jackhammers just happened to magically drop out of the clear blue sky, land on, and utterly smash beyond repair all of Hillary Clinton’s blackberries which contained 30,000 highly classified documents that she was not authorized to have in her possession, unless of course, you still believe they were all about YOGA! — In which case, I wonder how she is at pulling off the wounded peacock pose. I bet she is a master at the exorcist position, though.

You see, it’s only Democracy when the elite D.C. Establishment has sufficient dominion over the masses and minions to obtain their preferred outcomes. That’s what Democrats really mean when they talk about “democracy.” When the left has complete and utter unfettered power and control over the system so that we, the people, are basically absorbing all our information from the Left-wing State-run media matrix, believing everything they tell us to believe, thinking how we are told to think, and doing everything we are told to do. That’s Democracy to Democrats.

But just like everything else, Democrats have gaslit all of us on this issue. For example, in Rachel Maddow’s interview with Hillary Clinton, both women gloated over the Georgia indictment, while at the same time, tone-deaf Maddow actually had the gall to sermonize and lecture us about how questioning elections “damages Democracy,” while the very woman who concocted a vicious, vindictive, and fictitious five-year scheme, the Russia Collusion Hoax, in order to salvage her bruised ego after losing the 2016 General Election, was sitting right across from her. A vile scheme that was intended to do precisely what Rachel Maddow was claiming to be railing against, which is to incapacitate her opponent's entire Presidency, which, of course, in turn, would damage our Constitutional Republic, or as they call it, Democracy.

Indeed, it was a hoax that the entire Government knew about; the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, and even Obama and his entire Administration. They all knew about it, but they allowed that vicious lie to be disseminated, propagandized, and to dominate the airwaves for five years, divisively damaging and dividing our Constitutional Republic.

Of course, there were no indictments for that, no, but for the utterly absurd non-crime of being an outspoken, unapologetic America First Republican PATRIOT who is “Of the People, By the People, and For the People,” Trump now faces over 700 years in prison


1) Telling people to watch a live televised public hearing on NEWSMAX… apparently, that’s an imprisonable offense now. How scandalous! Indeed, nothing less than the death penalty by firing squad will do for that perversion of our electoral system.

2) Reserving a room at the Georgia State Capitol Building for a meeting. Imagine that, Government officials conducting official Government business in a conference room in a Government building no less intended for official Government business that, by the way, was crawling with cameras and with Secret Service Agents, who were literally glued to Trump’s side. What a way to conceal a crime, don't ya think? Clever little criminals. It sounds like quite the secretive racketeering conspiracy scheme they had going on there —definitely, leg irons and 50 years in the hole for that one.

3) Requesting two phone numbers for the President of the United States. Yes, you read that right. Fani Willis is indeed criminally indicting Mark Meadows because he, mind you, working in his official capacity as President Trump’s Chief of Staff and also exercising his First Amendment Constitutional Rights, asked for two phone numbers via text message for two Pennsylvanian Republican politicians, so that President Trump could call and speak with them… What an unthinkable crime… that’s 20 years in federal prison for each requested phone number because, well, you know, third world is third world, and we just can NOT allow it!

4) Another horrendous crime, one that will go down in infamy, asking people to attend an open-to-the-public legislative hearing. Definitely death by lethal injection for that doozy.

I guess the United States Constitution is now moot in the Banana Republic of Georgia, according to the communist anti-American prosecutor, Fani Willis, Governor Brian Kemp, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperge; I mean, they are not doing anything to stop the vicious, vindictive, and corrupt Fani, so the only logical explanation is that they are in agreement with her because, after all, they are Rinos, and special exceptions and rules apply when it pertains to Donald Trump because, you know, they TDS hate him.

Here is the thing, and particularly as it pertains to the 2020 General Election because of the COVID electioneering schemes, no matter who won or lost that election, there was bound to be acrimony and fury in this country, and likely a hell of a lot nastier if Democrats had lost, and why, well for a plethora of reasons, but namely because you can not radically change an entire election system, dramatically tweak election laws, make secret deals with activist Despotic Democrat Devils, like, for example, election denier Stacey Abrams, who continues to object to her election loss, and Mark Zuckerberg, and thereby subvert state legislators, unbeknownst to them and the electorate, and at such an overwhelmingly critical political juncture and not expect a reaction from the American electorate.

It is ludicrous to think otherwise!

But the cherry on top is that Democrats and Rinos actually expected no reaction from the people. As far as they were concerned, we were supposed to just shut up and believe them when they proclaimed that the 2020 General Election was perfectly executed and above board from top to bottom…. But here's the thing, we didn’t believe them, and so now they are punishing Trump for their failures because he exposed their lies, deceit, and corruption.

You see, Kemp and Ratffensperger assumed that the Georgia constituency and the Republican electorate in general are as mindlessly dumb and trusting in them as the Democrat electorate is in Fani Willis and Big Government Democrat Despots, but they assumed wrong, in fact, very, very wrong because as it turns out, the majority of Americans don’t support the political weaponization of Government and/or career politicians who practice it, no matter what side of the aisle they fall on.

That is why Americans are rallying behind President Trump like never before, standing with him in solidarity and peace and with strength, determination, and an unwavering commitment to our core Constitutional Convictions, Principles, and Values;

Because we know that WE MUST STAND AS ONE WITH TRUMP or divided, our country will surely fall under Democrats.

Linda Genzel Editor WECU News


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