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Can America Heal?

President Joe Biden stated in his inaugural address he wants to bring unity to America. "And so today at this time in this place, let’s start afresh, all of us. Let’s begin to listen to one another again. Hear one another, see one another, show respect to one another. Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire, destroying everything in its path. Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war."

Calling for unity in America, Biden took to his desk and within the first day in office he signed, 17 Executive orders. Many of which overturned several executive orders of the previous administration. Many people believe this very action will cause a country divided on putting America first to America being nothing more than another country and part of the global order of things.

Executive order 1 Required everyone of Federal property to wear a mask. However it was pointed out by several media outlets, that Biden and his family were photographed on federal property without a mask.

Executive order 2 Biden rejoined the World Health Organization, despite warnings that the world health organization is heavily funded by China. Covid-19 originated in China, and there is speculation that China hid this information from the WHO until it could no longer hide the disease.

Executive order 3 Biden set up a Covid office that directly reports to him.

Executive order 4 Extended forclosures and eviction moratorium

Executive order 5 Freeze student debt payments until September

Executive order 6 Rejoin the Paris Climate accord. According to USA Today, "The poorly negotiated Paris climate accord imposed unfair, unworkable and unrealistic targets on the United States for reducing carbon emissions." While other countries who do not have regulations on the amount of pollutants are given a pass for a decade. The United States has made strides in reducing pollution, The cost alone would cripple our economy to protect the environment which we are already protecting.

Executive order 7 Revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and reversing other Trumps energy rules. This action has already eliminated thousands of jobs. There is speculation that with this ruling America will eventually be forced to join OPEC nations and purchase oil from hostile countries.

Executive order 8 Eliminate the 1776 Commission. A project aimed at promoting a more conservative history curriculum in U.S. schools.

Executive order 9 Revoke changes that excluded undocumented individuals from being counted in the census. This change will strengthen areas where policies favor democrat policies. Giving democratic areas more representation in the federal government.

Executive order 10 Shield hundreds of thousands of immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals DACA from deportation.

Executive order 11 Abolish the what Biden and the media referred to as the Muslim Ban. While being decried as a racist and xenophobe, the ban which was interpreted as being a strictly Muslim ban was placed because countries in the ban had very lax security as far as passports and criminal records were concerned. "June 26, 2018, a majority of Supreme Court justices stood with the Trump administration and upheld the travel ban, specifically noting that the removal of three Muslim-majority countries proved it was not aimed at Muslims, that the ban allows for numerous exceptions and that it “creates a waiver program open to all covered foreign nationals."

Executive order 12 Cancel the Trump administration’s interior enforcement rule. There will be 100 day hold on all persons being deported.

Executive order 13 Halt construction of the Southern Mexico US border wall. Despite placing an artificial barrier during his inauguration to keep the undesirable people from attending his inaugural ceremony in Washington DC, the Biden administration has put an end to the construction of the wall at the southern border. Inadvertantly giving permission for entry into the United States via the southern border. Allowing human trafficking and smuggling of people into the United States.

Executive order 14 Extend deportation protections for Liberians.

Executive order 15 Ban workplace descrimination of LGBT employees. To the best knowledge of this author, people normally do not discuss their sexual preference in the workplace. So, this executive order is basically an order that Biden is virtue signaling the LGBT community.

Executive order 16 All executive branch officials are to take an ethics pledge. The pledges cover both a ban on political interference with the Justice Department and a ban on all officials using their office for their own personal gain.

Executive order 17 Order that will freeze all Trump administration regulations currently in process, blocking them from taking effect while the new administration reviews them.

If this is the definition of unity in the United States, the reversal of Trump policies that enabled Trump to win in 2016, how could overturning his policies create any sense of unity? Being forced to comply with issues millions of people oppose is certainly not a unifying platform.

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Jimmy Paul
Jimmy Paul
24 ene 2021

Unity? Suddenly I am expected to just forget about 5 years of harassment? No I don’t think so especially with people who want to take away our freedoms and care more about importing new voters than American citizens.

Me gusta
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