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Corruption, Chaos, and Disaster: A Proper Perspective

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the tabloids learned they could vastly increase circulation with reported sightings of Elvis's ghost every other week. In between issues of the very same tabloids would insist with equal certitude that Elvis was still alive. From such a pattern it should have been obvious to any marginally conscious reader that their "credibility" would at best flatline at 50%, since it was impossible for both assertions to be true. After that, even a cursory reading of the other articles would quickly drive it to zero.

All of that is to say we can be ultimately confident that the lizard men from outer space are not invading the flat Earth, especially since they don't want to fall under mind control from those chemtrails. For people who are easily driven down any apocalyptic rabbit trail, even tinfoil hats won't be enough to protect them from the latest lunatic theorizing. In such cases, tin foil goggles would be a far better fit.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that particularly in the recent past, Americans have been bombarded almost daily by a truly insane succession of events, which none of us would have thought possible, only a few years back. And this barrage of calamity shows no signs of abating any time soon. So while we cannot instantly accept assertions of those who claim to know exactly what it is all about, we must strip away the hysterical speculations and contrived drama of the charlatans, and focus on those aspects of the situation which we can substantiate and comprehend.

In April of 1995, a truckload of explosives was detonated adjacent to the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, inflicting massive devastation, killing a hundred and sixty-eight people, and injuring nearly seven hundred others. The culprit was determined to be Timothy McVeigh, who was subsequently executed. Like every major event of its kind, much speculation has occurred ever since, and will no doubt continue throughout the remainder of history. Just as predictably, with the passage of time, facts and myths will be ever harder to distinguish from one another.

Yet in that event, a major milestone occurred that was public and very sinister in nature. Under the "leadership" of first-term President Bill Clinton, the apparatus of high-level government was flagrantly weaponized against the citizenry. The Clinton Administration gleefully seized on the horror to label its political enemies as the ultimate culprits, pointing a finger at Clinton nemesis Rush Limbaugh in a not-so-subtle accusation of "complicity." And of course, leftist Fake News, which had already descended to being the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, did its best to stoke such lies and venom among the American people.

Since that time, the pattern has only grown more brazen and more abominable. Americans well remember the ominous admission of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, regarding the political leverage to be gained by ruthless politicians in the midst of a crisis. Predictably, leftist Democrats have never let a single one of them "go to waste," but reflexively fan the flames of fear and division to their political advantage with hideous vigor.

Their absolute duplicity throughout all of this is inarguable. The same Federal Government that wields unconstitutional power over who can park in which spaces at your local grocery store, deliberately leaves the National border hemorrhaging so every illegal foreign opportunist has an open door to invade America. The same sanctimonious high office holders, who decry the January 6 episode at the US Capitol, as if it was a pivotal moment in American history, have remained absolutely passive and indifferent to the real crimes and trampling of rights, both by corrupted government agencies, and the leftist street mobs who work in collusion with them.

The same hysterical Democrat politicians, in company with their RINO lackeys, who shamelessly grandstand about their supposed devotion to the US Constitution, care not a whit that every law in the land is being broken by their minions, or that everybody knows they are hypocritical beyond words. In the very next breath, after throwing an absolute tantrum on the House Floor, they'll condemn as "discord and rancor," any opposition from the Right, feigning indignation and fear, between episodes of bomb-throwing and incitement.

So, from the phony "pandemic" (which doesn't officially end until May 11), and its never-ending thorough defiling of the Bill of Rights, to the money pit war in Ukraine, to the never ending bleating over January 6, to the decimated Southern Border, to those Chinese spy balloons, to the massive chemical spill in eastern Ohio, Americans have almost become numb to the prospect that their Country is being decimated. Whether or not those events were as orchestrated as they increasingly seem to be, the willingness of truly evil people to exploit them in their obsessive pursuit of power is inarguable.

fear-mongersIn times like these, it takes an extra measure of courage and integrity to maintain a sane outlook. The fear mongers and doomsayers are as ever-present among "our side" as are the malignant forces of the leftists/Globalists who either caused the distress or seized on it like an opportunistic disease that lands upon an open wound. Against such as these, the single greatest weapon we have is the courage to publicly confront their evil tactics and intent, and refuse to let it all overtake our thinking and our actions.

Meanwhile, back in Wilmore Kentucky, an apparent Spiritual Revival is breaking out at Asbury University. A scheduled evening prayer meeting has continued for over a week, and shows no signs of ending. Elsewhere across America, similar gatherings are reportedly occurring. Whether or not this chain of events goes full-blown into a new "Great Awakening," it reflects the only real hope for a Nation that has abandoned its Godly founding principles, and allowed the venom of the leftist counterculture to propagate, unchecked in its midst. Nothing less than the Hand of God on this wounded land will bring about its healing.

Let us call out to Him and ask forgiveness for our passivity and indifference, which are how we opened the floodgates of suffering and destruction upon ourselves.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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