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Facebook is Censoring Public Information Pictures of Hunter Biden

We received several comments about Facebook today. Many were claiming their accounts were hacked, only to discover that Facebook had censored and removed pictures from their accounts. The pictures in question were of Hunter Biden. Pictures that were discovered when he left his broken laptop at a repair shop.

The graphic images were distributed across social media and even though social media banned all references to his laptop, calling it "Russian disinformation"; the images made a comeback recently on various social media platforms.

The claim Facebook was making is that those images were of a private nature. Claiming that people were sharing private images. However, they were made public by the media. Therefore should be considered public information.

It is relevant to people who want to know who their political leaders are. And family members of political leaders, especially when it concerns the possibility that they used their family name to deal with foreign business entities.

Is the Whitehouse worried about negative publicity with respect to those incriminating pictures? If so why? When Trump occupied the Whitehouse, there were thousands of pictures, memes, and articles posted accusing the former first family of being drug addicts. Yet, social media giants did not take steps to hide any derrogatory information about the former president. In fact, they pushed the buzzfeed story about Trump in Russia, despite it being false information.

Or could it be that "Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who now serves on the board of the left-wing disinformation group NewsGuard, is “perfectly fine” with misinformation so long as it protects the right people."

American people need to know who influences the president, and what policies have been put in place due to theses influeces.

Despite claims from liberal commentators, that Hunter Biden is not president, no one can deny that the father son relationship has influenced how the President governs the nation.

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