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HR-1 For the Politicians Act Ensures Voter Fraud Reigns Supreme

If anything has been learned from the 2020 Presidential election, the voting public has little faith in the process. More than 50% of Republicans believe that the election was stolen, and despite claims from the media demanding citizens not question election integrity, there are audits being conducted in Arizona and Fulton County Georgia. Rumors of audits to be conducted in the staes of Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Legislation that recently passed in the House that all but ensures a good deal of fraud will occur if this legislation passes will be going to the Senate to be voted on. HR-1, titled "For the People" has been dubbed by conservative outlets as the For the politicians act.

While writers of this bill have defined it as, a bill to addresses voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and ethics for the three branches of government.

There are several short commings on this bill that need immediate addressing if conservatives are going to get behind it. First and foremost, this bill federalizes elections. It puts the federal government in charge over states rights and gives authority of elections to unelected bureaucrats in Washington. Departments such as Homeland Security and Department of Justice.

If the above statement doesnt sink in, here is a list of federally appointed mandates that each state will be required to ensure regardless of existing voting policies.

1) Automatic voter registration, including using many colleges and universities as voter registration agencies and registering 16- and 17-year-olds.

2) Abolish voter ID laws and only require a signature in the polling place to vote.

3) Online voter registration without protections to verify the eligibility of the voter.

4) Same day registration during early voting and on Election Day.

5) Fifteen days of early voting, including minimum hours and requirements for locations

6) Restricting election officials’ efforts to maintain the accuracy of voter registration lists.

7) Automatically restoring the right of felons to vote after release from prison

8) No-excuse absentee/mail voting with signature comparison verification available to all voters

9) Provisional ballots cast outside a voter’s precinct must be counted.

10) Congressional redistricting done by an independent redistricting commission micromanaged by HR1’s


Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) said "It’s the Single Most Dangerous Piece of Legislation Before Congress." The American Center for Law and Justice claims this bill is an 884 page socialist wish list and that if passed, would fundamentally change the balance of power in our country to favor the unelected, unaccountable federal bureaucracy at the expense of the American people.

Given that America is already fundamentally divided on the integrity of elections, why would Democrats try to get this bill passed if they were not already working harder to drive more division in America?

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