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LGBTQ Fatwa on Steven Crowder

What is the biggest show down in the history of the internet, Steven Crowder, YouTube sensation and comedian squares off with Vox journalist Carlos Maza known on Twitter as @gaywonk.  

In a series of tweets, Maza decries that Steven Crowder makes fun of him on the internet by calling him a "lispy queer."  Please refer to the twitter handle of Carlos Maza for clarification.  

YouTube in a series of tweets explained while Crowder's content may be hurtful, it did not violate their terms of service.

However, that wasn't good enough for the Vox journalist Maza, who demanded that YouTube pull Crowder from their platform.  

In the end, YouTube caved to the LGBTQ mafia, and demonetized Crowder despite the fact YouTube plainly stated that he did not violate their Terms of Service.  

Should YouTube decide to demonetize those who exercise free speech there are alternatives available.  In fact, people who formally chose to use YouTube to host their sites can simply utilize YouTube as a platform to advertise their content and direct them to their new platform.  

Wecu News is an independent news agency.  We believe in free speech and free expression.  If you have a tip or a story or want to say Hi, please message us at

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