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One Twitter Users View of American Elections

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

While scouring the accounts of interesting Twitter opinions, we came across the following op-ed on American elections. While it is an opinion piece, it poses some thought-provoking observations about what happened in the mid-term elections. To our readers who are more liberal-minded, I recommend you not read.

This is my view of the US elections, why Republicans lost, and what they could do about it. I am not American but I visit often. We have similar issues in the UK. Obviously leadership matters, but if someone like Fetterman can win, something else is going on.

Democrats realized a long time ago that most voters do not pay close attention to issues or facts, but are driven mainly by fear. Republicans try to appeal to logic - this is absolutely a losing strategy. They use short, easily digestible soundbites, repeated over and over.

It doesn't matter how puerile or stupid the assertions are either. They can flat-out lie, no one cares. - Democracy is on the ballot (fear) - Republicans will take your rights (loss/fear) - Republicans care only for the rich and will take from you (loss/fear).

- Republicans are terrorists (fear)

- Republicans will let the planet burn (fear)

- Republicans will put you in camps (fear)

- Republicans are Nazis, white supremacists (fear), and many more. They're simple, utter nonsense, and lies, but it doesn't matter.

Every Democrat repeats these talking points endlessly. Their talking heads on the news & talk channels repeat them over and over again. They also get in first. Clinton immediately framed the Pelosi affair as an assassination attempt driven by MAGA and Republicans.

Jan 6 was immediately framed as an insurrection, driven by Trump. Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Complaining about 2020 is election-denying. Doesn't matter how ridiculous, it sticks. The "hypocrisy" accusation carries no weight, as there's no associated fear or loss.

Framing abortion as "reproductive health" was a stroke of genius. When they yell "Republicans will take your rights over your own bodies", there is no defense except by intellectual explanation, which means you've already lost. This is true of all the above.

So how do you fight it? You have to get down to their level. You have to have a consistent, short, fear-driven set of sort, easily repeatable affirmations. A few positive messages also, but playing on loss and fear is easily the most effective.

And then EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE must repeat these over and over again. Precede every single statement with "Democrats lie." Every time. Some examples: - Democrats will take your house

- Democrats let in terrorists

- Democrats let Fentanyl kill your children

- Democrats are owned by China

- Socialism kills

- Socialist Democrats will destroy your freedom and so on. I'm sure somebody can come up with a better list! Once you have the list, just ignore everything Dems say, and simply repeat this ad nauseam.

Lastly, get better candidates. Never apologize. Never get defensive in an interview. The interviewer asks about abortion, respond with "My opponent wants to mutilate children". That's it. Do what they do, but do it better! Half of the persuasion is fear, the other half is repetition!

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