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President Trump to go to Biggest Game of the Year

What has been hailed as the biggest game of the century, the matchup between No. 1 Ranked LSU and No. 2 Alabama just got more controversial than ever. President Trump is expected to be in the stands shortly before kick-off for this unprecedented event.

Some news agencies were quick to point out how this is reminiscent of the impeachment of President Nixon, as Newsweek ran the headline, "TRUMP GOING TO LSU-ALABAMA JUST ANOTHER COMPARISON TO NIXON, WHO ALSO WENT TO A 'GAME OF THE CENTURY." Yes, in all caps.

The Root is encouraging their viewership to boo the President as he watches the game from their headline article, "Trump Is Reportedly Heading Down to Alabama to Watch the Footballs. They Need to Boo Him Down There, Too."

Regardless of politics, this game is promising to hold a lot of action. Alabama has won every matchup of the two rivals since 2011. So this game is huge for the LSU Tigers to win. Both teams are undefeated this year, and despite Alabama not having played any challenging games, some of the "prognosticators" of football have predicted an Alabama win.

USA Today sports analyst Paul Myerberg is predicting an Alabama win, "When it comes down to it, the reason for picking Tagovailoa and the Tide isn’t too complicated: Alabama just beats LSU, which hasn’t won a game in this series since the 9-6 epic in 2011."

Yahoo Sports is predicting a Crimson Tide win, "Saban and the Tide still have the advantage in coaching and defense. It’s hard to figure out just how good this LSU defense is."

Eddie Timanus is predicting an LSU win, "this year’s version of Alabama hasn’t seen a team with this much offensive firepower"

Whoever wins the game, it is sure to be a promising sporting event.

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