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The Problem with Brexit

~by David Smith 

Brexit should have been simple the people voted out including me. Three years on through political and globalist discourse we were lead into a leftist authoritarian trap. Now we vote in the EU elections yet again. Betrayal is the word that the political and geo-political minds are in.

The left and the hard left keep pulling on all there strings for another EU referendum. This to me is political and Geo-political treason. Without a doubt we the people are being duped into giving away our sovereignty our democracy and our right to be an independent country with rights and freedoms of our own.

The mass media, the BBC, ITV, channel 5 and others are leftist propagandists with nothing to do but demonize those that are Brexiteer's, and patriots, to try and over throw the Brexit question. Divisive even deviantly the law sides with the leftist machine. All we have left to do is fight the few for the future of the many.  

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