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Thugspeak: The New Arbiters of Freedom of Speech

July 3, 2019

Every once in a while after scouring hundreds of articles a day over various social media sites, we came across a masterfully worded op ed by a brilliant writer.  I would like to introduce Dr. Jim Garrow.   Nominated for Nobel Prize, Humanitarian, Author, Founder, Bethune Institute’s Pink Pagoda Schools, Dr. Garrow has led an interesting life.  Part time Actor, motorcycle enthusiast and culinary sous chef in the art of making jam Dr. Jim Garrow.

~by Dr. Jim Garrow

Hitler pulled it off with his thugs early on in his march to dominate German society. Opposition was greeted with direct violence and then promised violence. The less emboldened soon sought refuge elsewhere, they saw the handwriting on the wall. His audience was ready to hear his message, years of simmering injustices brought about by the Treaty of Versaille and the cross that Germans were forced to carry led to fertile ground awaiting a message of hope and retribution.

National pride needed a vehicle to carry the inflicted to a new sense of victimhood and beyond. Adolph fanned the flames of pride and the possibility of the nations throwing off the curses of the victors of WW1 and a restoration of the promised Fatherland. Depression and economic uncertainty elsewhere in the world kept the victors from pressing their advantage and a leave them be attitude caused blind eyes to miss the growth of the Nazi Party and its very effective messaging to a very receptive nation. Throngs of young people joined Hitler youth movements and uniforms were seen everywhere you looked. The jailing of Hitler and some of his henchmen set them up to look like the necessary strong men who could right the wrongs of the past and restore the nation to its former glory. The burning of the Reichstag was a brilliant and bold focusing of anger, resentment and national pride against a common foe, ready victims needed a Hitler to wrest power from a weak administration. They needed a leader like Hitler and he needed their weakness to make his moves. Blame found an easily identified victim group and Jews bore the brunt of the national resurgence of pride, someone needed to be blamed.

Beware the blame game of today. Handing over freedoms hard fought for and won, leads to bondage and power mongering and then the identification of a blame worthy group. Watch carefully how the socialists find their victim group and demand justice. To bow to their demands will see us all losing our rights on the altar of their outrage.

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