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Utah Couple Murdered on Vacation in Mexico

Two tourists travelling through Mexico were murdered execution style.  Witnessing the event was their 12 year old son, who suffered from a nervous breakdown after the event.  The tourists were killed for passing a checkpoint installed by the community police in the municipality of Petatlán at dawn on Thursday, July 18. 

The victims were identified as the American Paul Nielsen a native of Utah, 48 years old and his wife Janeth Vázquez 43 who was originally from San Lorenzo Almecatla in Puebla, in addition their 12-year-old son of both, who was injured by the gunshots.

The family was travelling from the port of Acapulco to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, a beach resort town when they came upon what appeared to be an unmanned check point.  They were quickly intercepted by armed men, ordered out of the car and the man, Nielsen  and his wife, Janeth, were shot at point blank range in front of their 12 year old son.  The car was stolen in the aftermath from the shooters.

Some Media reported that the armed gunmen were community police, while other sources reported the gunmen were a local criminal organization there to extort visitors.  Unfortunately, very little coverage of this is available. 

Nielsen family members set up a gofund me account to help with the expenses the family may need.   

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